Women’s wrestling has reached a plateau

In a industry that struggles to move forward with world changes, women’s wrestling has reached a plateau. In my opinion, when WWE Evolution occurred, the direction was on an upswing. When the pandemic hit, it stalled every wrestling company’s progression in Women’s wrestling.

WWE took two steps back by placing men in the forefront to carry the load because they felt the women couldn’t do it. Now, before you chastise me, Bayley & Sasha carried the WWE Women’s division. I understand that. But she could have carried the entire program. Her storylines should have worked to bring More women to the front.

Think about Bayley and Sasha specifically. Aside from what they did, what other woman popped out? What other woman made an impact that has carried over. In my opinion there may be spots but theirs nothing that shows that WWE believes the women can carry the program.

Even today, current programming falls on the same women. Charlotte, Becky, Sasha, & Bayley. Alexa Bliss has top merchandise sales. Naomi should be placed as a part of the bloodline. You can’t tell me other women couldn’t carry the load. There are storylines there that could help the Women’s division that, I believe, WWE knows are there but for whatever reason don’t trust the woman can utilize them.

WWE Women’s tag division is utilized like the 24/7 belt. An after thought. Until the Four Horsewomen get pushed out of the forefront nothing will change.

AEW was in the same boat. Putting the belt and all the main push on Britt Baker. With Jade getting a belt I’m curious to see if it helps move the Women’s division forward but I don’t believe it will be a quick change.

Impact wrestling it the only brand, in my opinion, that is still moving the Women’s division forward.

The forth wall breaking will be an interesting change but only if WWE goes all in.

Caylen Root
Very Amateur Writer.

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