Wrestle Review: Jobs, Releases and Teases

What’s the deal with Finn Balor? WWE had him lose to Austin Theory Monday night. Balor was the first Universal Champion, for God’s sake! And Vince has him jobbin to Vince’s latest flavor of the month who, if we’re honest, will probably find himself in a round of releases either later this year or early next. Maybe he sticks around to 2024 if Vince is feeling generous.

Bully Ray going off on Jon Moxley’s Dynamite promo was so Bully Ray. Granted, I only heard about it online. I haven’t listened to Busted Open in years. I honestly would expect nothing less from the man.

WWE isn’t planning on granting Ali his release anytime soon. This likely leads to Vince making a mockery of Ali. He’ll have him lose matches in the most humiliating of ways possible. Hey, he’ll probably lose a few to Austin Theory.

Sami Zayn signed a new WWE contract around the same time as his real life friend Kevin Owens. He seemingly confirmed it in a tweet saying “sticking around and having fun. that’s the Sami Zayn way”. He’s involved in an angle with Johnny Knoxville, which I assume will lead to Knoxville eliminating him from the Rumble and an ensuing WrestleMania match between the two. On a less-positive end, Drew McIntyre is legitimately injured and will reportedly miss the Royal Rumble. He’s insisting he’ll be back for WrestleMania. bet we get Drew McIntyre vs Baron Corbin at Mania.

According to Bleacher Report, Lita may be a short-term wrestler after Saturday’s Royal Rumble because of Smackdown’s lack of depth in the women’s division. If you recall, I recently floated the idae of Trish and Lita tagging at WrestleMania. Lita’s last match was October 29, 2018 at Evolution (remember that show?). One last WWE note, what about Seth Rollins mentioning Jon Moxley by name when he was referencing The Shield Friday? That was wild!

The Moxley/Danielson stare-down Friday on Rampage after Mox’ first match back was interesting. I’m sure it was a teaser to a future Mox-Danielson feud. And I’m sure some WWE references will be thrown in.

This next week on AEW television should be good. Sammy Guevara vs Cody Rhodes in a ladder match to determine the true TNT Champion. Also on Beach Break, Adam Cole vs Orange Cassidy in a “lights out” match, Jericho, Santana and Ortiz vs Daniel Garcia and 2.0 and Red Velvet vs Legit Layla Hirsh. Should be a good week on both shows!

I’ll be back next Saturday with my Royal Rumble predictions and don’t forget about my podcast, Blendertainment, available anywhere you get your podcasts!