WWE Legend calls out ‘balding, middle aged men’

During the January 21st 2022 edition of WWE Smackdown, 2022 Royal Rumble entrant Summer Rae was shown at ringside and she was acknowledged as a WWE Legend.

Summer Rae issued a statement on Twitter in response to people that have criticized her…

“You know what will always be my favorite?

Balding, middle aged men who would never have the slightest chance with me…being PRESSSSSED over something about me. Like Exploding head sir, thank you for the laughter. I know I am doing it right when I get you big mad! #LegendRae

Like, why be so concerned with me? You should be concerned with what preventative shampoo to use. Let the girlies be girlies doing legendary things & you go tend to your mother who is calling you upstairs for dinner.

I show up on your tv screen for 20 seconds, TWENTY SECONDS SIR after being gone for 5yrs & you want to stay in my mentions arguing with strangers on why I am not a legend. THAT IS LEGENDARY. You are actually mad. Not like wrestling Twitter mad but mad mad.

I strike again. By simply SHOWING UP. You favs could never. 1 day when you do find a wife hopefully she will look past how pathetic it was to be a grown ass man tweeting about a women being less than what she thinks she is. Good day sir. Stay pressed. It gets me over. #LegendRae”