Wrestle Review by Andy Sullivan: Gearing Up for MITB and Forbidden Door

Gunther from Central Perk won the Intercontinental Championship from Ricochet in a little over 5 minutes. I’m surprised they let him last that long. Riddle defeated Sami Zayn to earn the right to get beaten by Roman Reigns next week in a WWE Universal championship match. This match was originally supposed to happen at Money in the Bank. I guess this means we won’t be seeing Roman for a month or so. Are they going to have to expand the time period the contract holder can hold it until he cashes in unsuccessfully against Roman? Of course, he could show up at Summerslam in a six-man with the Uso’s and get cashed in on and lose there. I highly doubt that, though. After Smackdown, I have to wonder what is next for Ricochet? I was shocked they even had him win the Intercontinental title, much less keep it as long as he did. I’m guessing they go back to burying him and putting him in comedy skits for the 24/7 title.

Paige has announced that July 7 will be her last day in WWE. You think Tony Khan has her on speed dial? I would.

This past week, AEW continued its build toward its Forbidden Door pay-per-view with New Japan. Half of the interim AEW Championship match was confirmed in Wednesday’s main event as Jon Moxley defeated Kyle O’Reilly in the main event after KOR won a battle royal at the top of the show. Mox will face the winner of Hiroshi Tanahashi/Hirooki Goto in the final. Adam Page challenged the IWGP champ Okada. Adam Cole inserted himself so it looks like Forbidden Door will feature Cole/Page/Okada for the IWGP championship. Okada must beat Jay White or White is in and Okada is out. I imagine White stays in, though.

Announced earlier on Dynamite was the creation of a new championship: the AEW All-Atlantic Championship will be introduced with the first champion crowned at the pay-per-view. The eight-man tournament is comprised of only international wrestlers. Pac was the first to earn a slot in the final, defeating Buddy Matthews. The inaugural champion will be crowned in a fatal four-way. Forbidden Door later this month is looking pretty good. Spoiler alert: Moxley will win the interim AEW Championship and face CM Punk somewhere down the line to determine the true champion, most likely in a ladder match.

Speaking of ladder matches, Jurassic Express face the Hardy’s and Young Bucks for the AEW tag team titles in a ladder match this Wednesday on Dynamite. That’s huge! It’d be even bigger if the Hardy’s won the gold. That way they could stake claim to being the only team wo win the WWE, WCW, ROH and AEW tag team championships. Or Don Calis returns and helps the Bucks win. Actually I’m thinking we don’t see Don until we see Omega again. Thinking…hoping….same difference.

Whatever you choose to watch, enjoy wrestling. And sometimes you just need to stay off Twitter awhile.

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