To NoDQ visitors: What do you want to talk about?

With all the news going on in wrestling, I felt this would be a good time to find out what you all want to talk about. There have been numerous opinion pieces done by my colleagues on our site about the news going on lately. This is an opportunity to see what our fans want opinions on that is not being covered. Please leave a comment either here or in the X post of this article for what you would like to hear my opinion on. Below I will have some guidelines on what I am looking for.

Non-News Topics

I want to hear suggestions that are not being covered by everyone. When news items come out, the writers here at NoDQ supply their opinions and I do not want to rehash what has already been said. I know that it can become overwhelming to our readers to read multiple articles about the same subject. I would like to change that.

Lesser talked about subjects

Is there something that has happened in wrestling that may not being covered as much as other things? Has there been a match or segment you want my opinion on? I would like to talk about things that our fans feel is being overlooked. With all the real world news going on, it is always good to have something to read as a palette cleanser. 

Something you want covered

The biggest reason for this is to figure out what you want covered. I want to share opinions on things you want to read about. The biggest and most important thing is our readers. If there is a way to connect better with our readers, I would like to try that. 


Thank you all in advanced for your suggestions. I look forward to seeing your suggestions and trying my best to cover as much as I can. I hope this ends up being a fun and exciting way to connect with everyone.