What was said during TNA Wrestling’s company meeting following the news of Scott D’Amore’s termination

On Wednesday, it was announced that Scott D’Amore has been fired from his role as TNA Wrestling president. Shortly after the news broke, a company meeting on Zoom was held with members of the TNA roster to discuss the situation. According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com, new president Anthony Cicone gave a prepared statement but nothing specific was stated about TNA’s creative process going forward. At this time, only D’Amore has left the company.

Johnson noted the following…

“A number of talents on the call relayed to PWInsider.com that during the meeting it was stated that D’Amore had ‘stepped down’ from the company, which was not the case and not even what was stated in the company’s official statement. We are told by several that this did not sit well with some of the talents and as one wrestler said, ‘This wasn’t the way to start off’ a relationship with the locker room, especially since so many talents had a connection with D’Amore and that the vast majority liked D’Amore.”

It was also said that the meeting did not give wrestlers a chance to ask any questions. One TNA personality commented to Johnson that Anthem “had a lot of work to do” moving forward while Johnson stated that others are seemingly taking a “wait and see” stance.