The X-Factor: WrestleMania – Some weird years

Their first-ever all women’s PPV, the arrival of Ronda Rousey, and the rise of Becky Lynch. It was their time.

She becomes Becky Two Belts and soon enough, the IWC turned on her. Even when they’re unpredictable you don’t like it. Case in point: Otis winning MITB.

As everything shut down, there were calls for WWE to shut down entirely. Great idea. Roman Reigns had to step away, Brock Lesnar was out, and no live event money was coming in. They should’ve stopped doing TV so more people lost their jobs.

The pandemic taught us not to take things for granted. Being at a live show was one of them.

WrestleMania 35

The women taking the headlining spot? Becky Lynch on top of the world? KofiMania? How could you not love it? 

Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan put on a Match of the Year that hit all the right notes. Nothing could’ve dragged that victory down.

Say what you will about that botched finish, and Charlotte in the match, but she is that good. The only low point is that the crowd was mostly drained. Still, to see Becky go from Lass Kicker to Becky Two Belts? She was never as overrated as the critics thought.

Between those and Reigns making his triumphant return, we had some feel-good moments at the time.

WrestleMania 36

One year later, we were here.

Kairi Sane, Elias, Shayna Baszler, and Rhea Ripley among others were supposed to have their first WrestleManias in front of 70,000+ fans and had to settle for a glorified high school gym. Also, the dream match of Reigns vs. Goldberg didn’t happen for two years.

Mandy Rose and Otis’ kiss. Edge’s grand return, and Drew McIntyre’s coronation were great moments nonetheless. Overall the wrestling was good under the conditions they had to work with.

The Undertaker redeemed himself, AJ Styles got to headline a WrestleMania, and now he’ll be the Dead Man’s last ever opponent. We think.

So, what about that Firefly Funhouse match?

If one were to summarize it, Bray Wyatt presented a very twisted view of what John Cena was and who he became. Sometimes I wonder how it would play out if Bray broke down Steve Austin this way. Making him out to be a bully would NOT be hard.

Imagine those kids watching at home, scared their hero wouldn’t come back. 

WrestleMania 37

Seeing this with live fans after a year without them felt like nirvana.

Putting aside the rain delay and that horrible opening to night 2, this was a decent ‘Mania. Both main events were something to smile at.

Bad Bunny deserves mad credit here. While not a classic, he looked like he belonged. He had the good luck of being in there with his fellow boricua Damian Priest.

WrestleMania 38

It was the end of an era and we had no idea.

It was also the start of a year long journey that would bring Cody Rhodes all the way to his greatest moment, we hope.

Johnny Knoxville vs. Sami Zayn. What can you say about it? We enjoyed it for how ridiculous it was. Everyone involved was having a blast, and we did too.

Stone Cold’s first match in 19 years. That’s all. No need to oversell it. 

If not for that, Bianca vs. Becky could’ve headlined night 1, and it damn well should have,

Final thoughts

It’s WrestleMania people. Sit back, order a pizza, and enjoy it. 

Don’t mess with the X.