Kelly Kelly comments on Vince McMahon teaching her “dance and striptease” moves

During an appearance on Renee Paquette’s podcast, former WWE star Kelly Kelly talked about her debut with the company in 2006 at the age of 19…

“The first day I was an exhibitionist, and I had to take my clothes off. And my poor family are watching and they’re like ‘what are you doing?!’ And I told them ‘Just wait.’ Oh my God. And I was just ‘look, it’s on me, for a few months. I promise.’ Just to say that’s how I started is so hilarious. I was only in developmental for literally two months. Paul Heyman called me and he’s ‘Barbie I have this idea for you. You’re going to be this exhibitionist, but you have a jealous boyfriend [Mike Knox] who comes out and covers you up every week.’ And he told me ‘it’s just a storyline to get your foot in the door. We know you can’t wrestle yet. But we think it’s a good idea.’ And I just thought ‘well I’m not going to say no. Let’s do it!’ I remember Kasama [veteran backstage WWE producer.] Kasama had the role of having to really teach me how to dance.”

“Then we had to go and show Vince [McMahon]. And Vince had [his own ideas on the dance.] And I remember being like ‘this is somebody that I used to watch when I was a kid.’ And this is Vince McMahon, teaching me how he wants me to do this dance and striptease. They wanted me to watch the Carmen Elektra dance tapes. ‘Okay, I’ll watch whatever.'” (quotes courtesy of