Some things are more important than wrestling

This is going to be a detour from my usual opinion pieces. With all the real-life incidents going on in the world, I felt it was necessary to try to be sincere. I will not be going into any of the news broken about McMahon, if you want to find any of that then you can go to this article. I want to take this time to remind everyone that there are things in this world that are more important than wrestling.

For many people, the phrase “wrestling is my escape from the real world” is used often. I have my personal opinion about that but if this applies to you then okay. Wrestling can be a great option for escapism and something that can help bond complete strangers. Some of the most enjoyable times I have had in my life have been sitting in a bar, eating some wings, and watching pay-per-views with my friends. It is fun and exciting. But this escape can also cloud people’s judgment.

When a woman, whose life has been completely and utterly destroyed by a vile human being, is willing to publicly go into detail about the heinous and atrocious things that happened to her and people use that as “fuel for tribalism.” This situation has nothing to do about AEW versus WWE. It has nothing to do with ratings or people’s creative plans. This is a matter of a woman, a human being, who has been through unspeakable hells over the past few years and it has NOTHING to do with “your favorite promotion.”

This piece has been a reminder that there are things in the world that are more important than wrestling. I understand we, as fans, get passionate about wrestling. Hell, I write opinion articles about wrestling because I am a passionate fan. But when it comes to stuff like this, it is better for all of us to support those affected and not target each other over tribalistic posts.