Re-Rating Triple H’s talent rehires since they have “re-debuted” in WWE

Back in March of this year, I rated the Triple H rehires about 6 months after their rehiring. Rating Triple H’s talent rehires since they have “re-debuted” in WWE

So here we are, almost a year later and I would like to revisit and revise the former ratings from five months ago. Rumors are swirling that once the official purchase by Endeavor closes, and the TKO Group Holdings, Inc. merger is complete, there will be cuts.

My Thoughts:

Less Than Underwhelming Performances:

Emma. (formerly “underwhelming performance”) Well, absolutely nothing has changed for Emma, unless it was for the worse. Her brief television appearances since my last rating has been mostly in backstage segments with real and storyline relationship with Madcap Moss, now known as Riddick Moss. Oh and she’s wrestled a few losing matches.

Dexter Lumis. (formerly “underwhelming performance”) Still Yawn. He went from barely existent on television to completely MIA. I’m not sure if he’s injured, or what the story is, but he’s not on my TV and I’m not complaining.

Hit Row. (formerly “underwhelming performance”) Last March I stated them as tag team jobbers at best, and that has not changed, nor have I been proven wrong.

Candice LeRae. (formerly “underwhelming performance”) Until recently on Raw, Candice has been absent minus a backstage segment or two in the last 5 months. She may have wrestled a match or two. If she did, it wasn’t memorable. Last March I wrote: “She now has moved on to a slightly higher level than ‘enhancement talent’.” Presently, I won’t even consider her that with her lack of appearances and matches.

Tegan Nox. (formerly “underwhelming performance”) After a trial run with 4 different tag team partners, Tegan is now also absent from television. I think it’s safe to say that she went from “underwhelming performance” to “less than underwhelming performance” in her past 6 months.

Valhalla fka Sarah Logan. Valhalla was not included in my last article because her performance at that point was forgettable as a manager with limited appearances. Since then, nothing has changed, but the IWC did mention her absence on my former list. Valhalla has been nothing more than a manager since her return minus a singles match and she participated in the Viking Rules mixed tag team match.

Underwhelming Performances:

Bray Wyatt. (formerly “borderline performance”) Well, this is a tough one to rate. While I really like Bray and what was being built up, the progress was too slow to keep fans interested and then his unexplained disappearance happened. Many of the fans that were behind him after his firing from WWE a few years ago, I feel have become lost sheep due to this last run with the company and most likely wouldn’t return to follow him as faithfully as before. Recent reports make it seem like Bray may not return.

Johnny Gargano. (formerly “borderline performance”) Again, I’d like to state, he is a very talented wrestler. However, talent alone will not help you rise in the WWE. His booking is still eerily reminiscent of Vince McMahon still being in control “keep the little men down style”. Johnny still needs better booking.

Mia Yim. (formerly “borderline performance”) Mia hasn’t really stood out on her own, besides alongside the OC. Mia’s matches are too few and far between and there hasn’t really been a great performance in the matches she does have.

Luke Gallows/Karl Anderson. (formerly “underwhelming performance”) Last March, AJ Styles was injured and the “Good Brothers” were lost in the shuffle. Like I stated then, their only relevance they really have is being a part of the OC. I think together with AJ and Mia, they make a complete unit. I have kept them in the underwhelming performance category because they make the OC work. As a stand-alone tag team, they are similar to Hit Row, tag team jobbers and would most likely be in the “less than underwhelming performance” category.

Borderline Performances:

Karrion Kross. (formerly “borderline performance”) Karrion falls close on the borderline performances as he’s been very underwhelming since his return. I think given the right booking, his character could succeed. He’s got the look. He’s got the character. He’s got the mysterious and gorgeous wife/manager Scarlet at his side. In March, I said the same thing, booking. His lacking promo skills aren’t really a factor with his current gimmick and having Scarlet at his side, helps with that too.

I recently read a fan theory about Karrion Kross and I’m now wondering if this has any weight to it, as it makes perfect sense if it is true:

There’s been a trend in Kross’ feuds where he’s promised to take away something near to his opponent, and he’s followed through in every single one of them:

  • He put the hourglass in front of The Bloodline, a year later there is no Bloodline anymore.
  • He promised to take Drew McIntyre’s temperament away, he would later have no issue throwing his friend Sheamus under the bus.
  • He promised to take away Madcap Moss’ joy, he’s no longer Madcap Moss, making jokes and being silly, he’s just Riddick Moss again.
  • He promised to take away Rey Mysterio’s patience, he’d go on to finally hit Dominik the next week.
  • He promised to take away Shinsuke Nakamura’s honour, who has now established himself as a heel.

While Kross isn’t winning all of these feuds, all of these promises he’s made have come true. Are WWE actually following through with these stories? Or are all of these things happening a pure coincidence?

Braun Strowman. (formerly “borderline performance”) Partnering Braun and Ricochet was probably the best thing they could’ve done for both of them at the current time, as they complimented each other quite nicely. Before the partnering, both were kind of lost on the roster without having much direction. The partnership abruptly ended when Braun went out with an injury and surgery, while Ricochet has climbed higher than he has in the past as a solo superstar. I think given the time he had before the tag team and his time partnered with Ricochet, his performance was borderline satisfactory pre-injury. So I will leave it at that for now.

Bronson Reed. Bronson wasn’t in my last article as he was a fairly new rehire at the time of my writing and hadn’t had much of a chance to do anything yet. Unlike Chelsea Green who was also newly rehired at that time but was seemingly thrown under the bus before she could get started. Bronson is extremely athletic, especially for his size and I think he can elevate amongst the ranks when given the chance. He is in the borderline category as of now, because of his booking. He has had some moments to shine at some premium live events and he has.

Dakota Kai. (formerly “borderline performance” with Iyo Sky) Competent and somewhat successful tag team run with Iko Sky and as a member of Damage CTRL. From the trio, I think Dakota has been the least successful in getting over in comparison to Bayley and Iyo. Having the stable operate as successful solo superstars with the back-up of the Damage CTRL partners would be best for them going forward. Unfortunately, an injury has her absent from performing.

Solid Performances

Chelsea Green. (formerly “underwhelming performance”) What I previously had written about Chelsea:

Fast forward less than 6 months later and Chelsea has really elevated herself. Her “Karen” gimmick has grown on me. It’s not so over the top, but definitely is a style in her gimmick and she does it well. Together with Sonya Deville making the internet wrestling community dubbed “Complain Department” tag team has been beneficial for her career. Sonya and Chelsea work well together. Samantha Irvin’s ring announcement pronunciation of “Chelsea Green” fits her style and makes her name fun and memorable. Currently one half of the tag team champions, they’ve were having a good run until Sonya has announced her injury.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I wouldn’t consider the rehires performing well at all. That doesn’t mean that some of them still can’t. What are your thoughts? Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments below!