Planet Kayfabe: No Excuse For Poor Ratings

Planet Kayfabe: No Excuse For Poor Ratings

By: Paul Matthews

June 19, 2024

Hello, and thank you for reading Planet Kayfabe.  Ratings are always a fun topic in wrestling. Why? Who knows.  Since the Monday Night War, it has always been a focus and a news story.  I don’t believe ratings are always newsworthy.  If you see a rapid increase or decline, that is news.  If you have a special show, those ratings are important.  Ratings however are not indicative as to whether a show is good or not, though.

So let me stop you right now if you plan on whining in the comments section with “why do you care about ratings, just enjoy it”  or the erroneous take I see from fans “ratings don’t matter anymore”.  They do. Especially when you’re AEW in a contract year and everything is still very much up in the air and you’re having your worst year of TV viewership to date.

AEW’s ratings, like it or not, is a news story.  I felt AEW, creatively, was poor in 2022 and 2023, but back then they’d routinely flirt with 1 million viewers. Often in the 900,000’s and the mid 800,000’s was like their low average.  These days, if AEW popped 800,000 Tony Khan might sneeze up last night’s 8-ball.

Though, I see the same excuses I saw in the 2010s with WWE. With fans. With people like Dave Meltzer. Even with Tony Khan.  They want to blame the NBA playoffs.  That’s great and all, but there is always going to be an excuse to be had for your failures if you want to find one. Yes, so in the 2010s I used to tell WWE fans to stop using various sports league’s playoffs as an excuse for poor ratings. Now I am telling AEW fans the same thing. There is no excuse. You are lacking stars and compelling stories, just like WWE in the late 2010s when ratings were sinking like a rock.