Vince Russo says he was a better character than “80%” of the WCW roster and a former star responds

During the third episode of the “Who Killed WCW?” documentary, former writer Vince Russo said the following in regards to becoming a television character…

“I’m just going to be one thousand percent completely honest with you: as far as an on-air character? I felt that I was better than 80% of that roster. I made the mistake of saying ‘You know what? ‘F it, if you want ratings, I will go out there and get ratings myself. I almost got killed, bro. I almost got killed!” (quote courtesy of

Former WCW star Shane Helms addressed Russo’s comments and the two had the following exchange via Twitter/X…

Helms: “🤣🤣🤣 Horseshit!!”

Russo: “And, I hope you’re doing well too, Shane.”

Helms: “I can dig the bravado, we’re all our own biggest fans, but cmon now. 😎👍🏻”

Russo: “I’ll let the heat I got speak for itself.”

Helms: “Heat that doesn’t translate to revenue doesn’t do a lot for me. 🤷🏻‍♂️”

Russo: “Yeah, much like 50-50 booking doesn’t do much for anybody.”

Helms: “Depends of the situation. A lot of rivalries build by exchanging wins.”

Russo: “And, a lot of revenue is generated by Heat.”