Pat McAfee is the example of what it means to get over in WWE

Wrestling is supposed to be fun, exciting, and entertaining. Though he is just an announcer on Friday nights, Smackdown Live! Is simply a better show because of Pat McAfee.

From start to finish, for two hours, McAfee is enthusiastic, and ecstatic to be a part of the show. He makes viewers engaged in what they are seeing on television. His commentary and banter with colleague Michael Cole is tremendous, and the way he praises the wrestlers makes you believe the characters are larger than life.

“Brock Lesnar is the human we send to fight the alien invasion!”

Pat McAfee is just being himself, and that is entertaining. Oftentimes you see him jumping up onto the announce table and becoming part of the show. I would argue he is transcending an announcing position into becoming a WWE Superstar! Especially with a Wrestlemania 38 match in Dallas soon.

He’s doing something that most wrestlers in the WWE don’t ever do with the crowd or audience at home, get over. He’s gotten over entirely on his own, all while complying with Vince McMahon. As heard in the recent interview with Mr. McMahon. Performers on WWE television are encouraged to take the concept given to them and make it better than what the script says. Quite frankly McAfee does it well, well enough that Mr. McMahon acknowledged it on The Pat McAfee Show.

The most “Stupendous” announcer in all of wrestling.

Saturday after Smackdown Live! (03-11-2022) I took a dive into anything related to McAfee on my social media pages/Youtube, and I was hard pressed to find a negative comment about Pat, honestly I didn’t see one. Nothing but the best from fans. Google Pat McAfee, and you will come across headline after headline of high praise from those within WWE and beyond. This isn’t a recent trend either, those articles go back to when he first started on Smackdown, and even before then! So I was glad to find so much acclaim for him aside from the aforementioned McMahon interview, and well Brock Lesnar too.

Brock Lesnar Said “You make the show. Friday nights, your color commentary is bar none the best.” Later in that same interview he also said “someone needs to step up, and get over;” Was he directly referring to McAfee? Of course not. But I’m certain he took that advice for himself, and guess what? A couple weeks later, on his show a match was set for him at Wrestlemania.

The guy is over beyond belief and the question I have is why hasn’t a wrestler, or WWE Superstar gotten over quite as he has? With a 100% approval from fans, and in the backstage of WWE. Very few get that much support. What I am saying is right now as of this writing an Announcer in the WWE in a match with Austin Theory(an NXT call up) is right there at the third most anticipated match ups at Wrestlemania. Just behind Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns and Edge vs. AJ Styles.

Pat McAfee is great.

He’s just a huge fan of WWE with a front row seat. His happiness and excitement to be a part of WWE protrudes unto all of us watching at home and just makes WWE better. I have no doubts his match with Austin Theory will be just as awesome as his commentary. If only WWE wrestlers could create that breath of fresh air on WWE television the way he does.

Get well soon Big E!

Thinking of you Scott Hall.