Former WWE star debuting with AEW to challenge Jade Cargill?

AEW’s TBS Champion Jade Cargill wrote on Twitter that she was issuing an open challenge. Former WWE star Athena (Ember Moon) issued a response and here was the exchange…


Athena: “Hmmmm 馃馃馃…”

Jade: “Hmmmm? What? Say how you feel if you feel it. I don鈥檛 play games. Open up.”

Athena: “Sure. @Jade_Cargill I’ll give in to your request and ill say loud enough for the people in the back…even though I’m pretty sure I know the answer. GIVE ME A MATCH SO I CAN TAKE YOUR TITLE! Talk to ya boy and make it happen… I’ll be waiting.”

Jade: “Let me help you kid. AYO @ShawnDean773 another reject is looking for a job. Help the needy out.”

Athena: “.@Jade_Cargill Ha “kid?” “reject?” ok… Told ya saw this coming. 1st you gonna talk sh*t tag me hunty Im grown. only reason you’re doing this challenge mess online is to make yourself look good but gurl book the match and I can do it for you when I win #Oface. Don’t back out now..”

Jade: “and @AthenaPalmer_FG. I鈥檓 the one on PRIME TIME TV. I鈥檒l be helping YOU out. Seeing that YOU need it. 馃拝馃従馃ぃ”

Athena: “.@Jade_Cargill I work for myself and I love it. I have never been ashamed of the grind, I thrive on it. But what I think you are missing is that I don’t need this, I WANT this match, But that’s cool you keep doing you kid, I’ll get ya… eventually 馃槝馃懝馃槝”

At this time, there has been no confirmation that Athena will be having a match in AEW.