(Not So) Hell In a Cell? The end of an era

Hell in a Cell 2021 is the end of an era.  It’s the final ppv planned to take place in the Thunderdome.  Crowds are coming back for non-WrestleMania events starting this summer.  That is extremely exciting! Of course, AEW fans say WWE is copying AEW or some crap like that.  Whatever.  The main event is, once again, Drew McIntyre challenging Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship.  There is a twist, however  If Drew loses, he can’t challenge for the WWE Championship again as long as Lashley is champion.  Thank God! I was tired of this series two matches ago.

This was supposed to be one of two Hell In a Cell matches.  The other was supposed to be Roman Reigns successfully defending the Universal Championship against Rey Mysterio.  They inexplicably had that match on Smackdown.  Inexplicable, that is, until I remembered AEW was having Dynamite last night.  They didn’t air at the same time, though.  So that argument is nothing.

Thank God they ended the King Corbin garbage last night! That thing went on for WAY too long.  Nakamura is now King.  Will Corbin go back to obscurity? Let’s face it: before he won that tournament years ago, his career was basically in traction.  Will he go back to that?


HIAC quick hits:

Bobby Lashley defeats Drew McIntyre, meaning Drew can no longer challenge for the title.  I’m guessing Drew gets drafted to Smackdown this summer and we get a few months of Drew vs Roman for the Universal Championship.  I, for one, am all for that idea!

They didn’t say what would happen with Roman tomorrow night.  Surely Rey and him won’t repeat the cell match from last night.  What if, on the show tomorrow night, they just re-broadcast the Smackdown match? Maybe Roman issues an open challenge.  We’ll see.

Shayna Baszler should own Alexa Bliss.  But, with all the supernatural garbage going on, who knows? Maybe Nia Jax turns on her tag partner to help her former tag partner.

Bianca Belair will successfully defend the Smackdown women’s championship against Bayley.  It’s simply too soon for the EST to lose it.

Rhea Ripley will eventually lose the Raw women’s championship to the golden child, Charlotte Flair.  Does it happen tomorrow night? There are a few questions to be answered.  That alone will be enough will get me to tune in tomorrow night.  I mean hey, I’ve got Peacock and I dig  wrestling and like to be entertained.  I think that gets lost in the “AEW fans vs WWE fans” thing.

Before I go, how about Don Calis being fired(on tv, anyway) as Impact Executive by Tommy Dreamer?! I can only assume Dreamer assumes Calis’ role.  I’m definitely intrigued and want to see where this goes! Until next weekend, enjoy Hell In a Cell this weekend!