NoDQ Fantasy Faction: The House Of Black

NoDQ Fantasy Faction: The House Of Black

Hello, NoDQ galaxy!

My name is Jerry Slaughter, the former General and now “New Normal” and former co-host of What’s NXT and The NXTea Party (Remember those? Algorithms, man!)…

If you have seen me on any prediction videos or NoDQ reviews: firstly, good for you! And secondly, you know my views of what should be in the land of sports entertainment and professional wrestling are a bit askew…

But, the great Aaron Rift continues to allow me to speak, no matter how absurd my premise is. 

Until my birthday this past week on the Review with Virtue, Son, Aaron and I…

There, momentarily, we spoke of the over abundance of factions in AEW. I made mention of one faction that I would love to see: a cult led by Malakai Black consisting of disenfranchised, under used, or all around impressionable members of groups he snatches away. And maybe a few that aren’t in a group that can use a little guidance that only he can offer.

My main source of building for this fantasy faction is Raven’s Flock. For a while, though not heavy in the win department, the Flock was one of my main draws to WCW (that and conspiracy era “man of 1004 holds” Jericho…television gold)… How he not only brought in other ECW stars but snatched up some primo WCW talent that wasn’t being utilized well (Kidman, especially).

So, follows is the first round of performers I’d have converted to the House Of Black. Comment below if you agree, disagree or have ideas of who you would add.

  1. Stu Grayson, of the Dark Order. A dark horse, but one of the best blood feuds waiting to happen grounded in a bit of reality. Character wise, he’s tormented by and in love with the currently injured Ana J. So, have her return and make her relationship with Jungle Boy known. Even have her leave from the Dark Order silently. Stu will be devastated, but instead of helping their dejected friend, the rest of the group are still at odds and fighting over how to handle the Adam Page situation. Have Black approach him with a listening ear. He will convince Stu that if he wants Ana, he must take her by destroying not only Jungle Boy, but the rest of the Jurrasic Express, spinning yarns from folklore while also incorporating some of his sinister thoughts. This will pit Grayson and Jungle Boy in a hellacious blood feud, the likes of Jimmy Jacobs and BJ Whitmer (look up the cage match between the two, crikey). This will make Jungle Boy come off even tougher, really give Stu some time to really show off some character work, and be a launch pad for my next recruit. (Luxuria)
  2. Luchasaurus. And why not? Jurassic Express isn’t going anywhere, though the tag team chemistry is magical. So, peel away the gimmick and let him be the beast we’ve seen in the ring just with way less remorse. Have him take out Jungle Boy as the feud with Grayson peaks and also beat the holy hell out of Marko Stunt. The reason? Malakai got to him and convinced him that he is the star of the team, but the junior members get all of the attention. Have him go as far to unmask. Fame, notoriety and gold. Those will be the driving forces and Malakai will offer all if he joins his ranks. (Avaritia)
  3. Fuego Del Sol. Though more a member of Sammy Guevara’s Vlog crew, he’s technically part of The Nightmare Family. Even though he finally got a contract, still no love from the company. Have him jobbed out and destroyed non-stop and his frustrations grow as he sees everyone else’s star power rise on his losses. He will even lash out at The Nightmare Family and Sammy for their lack of support. On a particularly nasty beatdown, have Grayson and Lucha come to the rescue, carrying his body up to Black for Fuego to kneel before him. From there, he goes on a hot streak, fueled by jealousy and resentment, taking out the Nightmare Family and setting his sights on Guevara. (Invidia)
  4. Orange Cassidy. The fruit has rotten. He doesn’t join the convent as much as just lazes into them, growing tired of Best Friends going nowhere. I can’t think of a better sloth. And a heel turn from him would be highly unexpected. (Acedia)
  5. Ryan Nemeth. Nothing more excessive or gluttonous than Hollywood. So, wanting to get out of his brother’s shadow and carve a name for himself, he becomes the group’s videographer and unheralded loose cannon. Destroys the other Wingmen and joins up. Camera gimmick won’t work? See The Shield and Alex Shelley. Then, shut up. (Gula)
  6. Buddy F’N Murphy. Have him show up and feud with Black, because “reasons” and “awesome matches”. Have it be a best of seven and if Murphy loses, he has to join the House. He loses the last of the matches… Clean at that… And at first begrudging, he settles into the group, maybe even winning the tag belts with Lucha or Grayson, or the often mentioned Trios belts. (Superbia)

Black is wrath. Like there was any doubt.

So there’s my fantasy faction, The House Of Black (name change possible). Like it? As noted, leave a comment on who you would add or change. 

Til next time around!