MR. TITO: Why Did Stephanie McMahon Resign from WWE and What is Next for Her?

So Stephanie McMahon has RESIGNED as President/CEO and Board Chairman of the WWE Corporation… This occurred during a late evening and via Social Media instead of holding any type of press conference. Coincidentally, it happened after Vince McMahon used his power as the #1 shareholder with owning 39% of the shares himself and likely much more voting power with his Class B stocks to force his way not only back on the board, but to force 3 board members out and to make himself Board Chairman (Stephanie’s current role). Usually, the changing of a board member needs a shareholder election but Stephanie beat them to the punch and just resigned… Then, the Board could vote Vince back into his role as Chairman of the WWE Board.

Here is the REAL SAD thing about Stephanie McMahon resigning from the WWE… It’s over, folks… Once Vince McMahon passes, the McMahon lineage is done.

What you’re likely going to see is the WWE getting sold, as all signs signal that. Barrios and Wilson worked for an acquisition firm and are back in the WWE as board members. Vince’s statement heavily reads “maximize value for shareholders”, *wink**wink*, we’re up for sale! Reportedly, WWE has hired JPMorgan Chase to help facilitate the sale, as I’m guessing they have that as a business service because they deal with large accounts, stocks, currency exchanges, and big loans.

It’s very likely that the new buyer will probably retain Vince McMahon as a key executive or WWE company president in some form. Vince wanted back in the game and this sale will be contingent upon that and will really happen if Saudi Arabia investors buy it (which was initially rumored to be happening). Once Vince McMahon actually retires or passes away, that’s it… No more McMahons in the WWE. Shane got the hell out of there and now Stephanie McMahon retired. Triple H was enjoying control of the WWE, but now he has to deal with Vince’s meddling on Creative and Talent Relations once again. How long before he walks away, too? He just had heart surgery and cannot take the stress.

And I guarantee that Shane and Stephanie will tell their kids “HELL NO” to working for the WWE. Both of them have accumulated wealth and can get their kids into top schools to do anything but run or operate a professional wrestling promotion.

WWE can be traced to the 1920s when the grandfather of Vince McMahon, Jess McMahon, was a boxing promoter and that may have had an influence on Vince McMahon Sr. who formed (and may have with his dad) the Capitol Wrestling Corporation in 1953 that later became “World Wide Wrestling Federation” in 1963. Then, you know the rest of the story… Vince McMahon Jr. joins the WWWF and worked his way up to the point where he was ready to buy the company from his dad during the early 1980s. WWWF was renamed to “WWF” (now “WWE”) and Vince Jr. went on a 40 year terror in the Pro Wrestling industry that squashed all competition like grapes.

During the late 1990s, both Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon took on increased backstage and in-ring roles with Stephanie McMahon actually exceeding her brother in responsibilities. By late 2000, Stephanie became head of creative and was eventually promoted to Executive Vice President of Creative until late 2013 when she became Chief Brand Officer. Then, when Vince McMahon resigned retired during July 2022, Stephanie was named President/CEO, along with Nick Khan, and she also became Chairman (or Woman) of the Board. Interestingly enough, she was on a “leave of absence” when this all went down and she cited wishing to return to that in her resignation letter… Except she resigned this time and that’s not just a temporary leave…

Shane McMahon was last seen at the 2022 Royal Rumble, which many fans deemed “horrible” based on its layout and of course Shane’s own wannabe wrestling ability causing many full-time trained wrestlers to sell for him. This marked the end of his 2016-2022 run, as he left the WWE previously during 2010. With Stephanie resigning, this does open the door for Shane to possibly return, but he was practically terminated by Vince McMahon. With Vince’s recent antics of Settlements/NDAs with other women, I just don’t see Shane returning. He’s quite loyal to his mom, Linda McMahon, so I wonder if he’s just not looking for any more trouble with his dad. Plus, Shane cannot resist getting in that ring and at age 52 (about to turn age 53), it’s honestly best to keep him out of the WWE.

That’s all, folks… No more McMahons in the WWE once this puppy is sold and Vince decides to either hang it up or die with the sold company. After Vince, the new owners might take it upon themselves to take WWE in another direction. That, or they might actually sell the company themselves. You just saw it with AOL/Time Warner… AT&T bought them and then they sold it to Discovery. Reportedly by 2024, Discovery may sell itself and all of its Warner Bros. properties to Comcast or another large media conglomerate. It would be funny if NBC or Disney bought WWE and then in 2-3 years, sell it to the Khan family…

That would be it with Stephanie resigning… No more McMahons running the WWE after Vince McMahon is gone.

Here is my theory on what has happened with Stephanie McMahon.

(1) I believe that she and Triple H had some struggles with their marriage during 2019-2021. Why do I believe that? Because Triple H was losing all of his WWE company responsibilities and it was made out in the open. WWE was what brought Steph and Triple H together, yet now, Triple H was probably bringing complaints home with him. Stephanie had to always walk a fine line because Vince McMahon was her freakin’ dad.

(2) Then, Triple H had his “cardiac event” during September 2021 and I’m guessing that this brought Triple H and Stephanie back together in a strong way. She could have lost her husband and father of their kids.

(3) I believe leaving the WWE was on her mind, particularly as Triple H was wanting to return to the WWE. That way, if she’s not working there, WWE won’t be part of the majority of their conversations. Their kids are getting older, too, and there are lots of proms, driving lessons, and other mother/daughter things to take care of.

(4) I also believe that Stephanie DID NOT want to deal with the drama of her father’s Settlement/NDA that became a concern during Spring 2022 and prompted a Board investigation of Vince. She’s just didn’t want to deal with handling her dad as co-worker.

(5) I don’t believe that Vince or any of his close associates leaked the gossip about Stephanie not being much of value around the office. It’s likely some doofus executive performing a powerplay. I doubt that Vince would want to harm his daughter’s good name.

(6) Vince’s antics prompted an early return as interim and then once Vince resigned, she became the permanent Board Chairman (or Woman) and CEO/President with Nick Khan. Without Vince around, WWE could be “fun” again with her and Hunter on top.

(7) Vince wanted to come back and was bound & determined to make it happen. Hence, it began in December with Vince requesting his old Chairman role back.

(8) I believe that the 12/27 letter by the WWE Board was prepared to protect Nick Khan, Stephanie McMahon, and Triple H from any harm of Vince’s desires. By them telling Vince “NO”, it protects them and lets them appear to be the babyfaces while “evil old Vince” could force his way back in.

(9) Vince was forcing his way back onto the Board as Chairman, so Stephanie just let him have it. I believe that she’s absolutely tired of family and work mixing too much together, thus, she is done.

Now, if Saudi Arabia investors are truly buying the WWE, could it be that they want Vince to run it and not Stephanie McMahon? After all, this country is still trying to evolve beyond their past ways with women and how they are presented in society. That’s hard to say… While the Saudis would own it, the company would likely still be mostly operating in the United States as demand for pro wrestling is still the strongest there. I don’t buy that angle, though I believe that Saudi officials would rather deal with Vince because that’s who they always dealt with on their dealings for WWE shows in their country. Even when things went sour, such as the famous flight delays that didn’t happen, they resolved the issue with Vince and the business kept flowing.

For Stephanie McMahon, it’s just time to get away… Vince McMahon forced his hand to kind of make it happen, but I believe she was wearing thin on the work life and personal life mixing WAY too much. She is ONLY 46 years old, with an entire life still ahead of her. I used to mock her as being “just a communications major”, but now she has over 20 years of corporate experience with titles ranging from Director to Senior Vice President to Executive Vice President to Chief Brand Officer to CEO/President and Board Chair. In addition, she has served on other boards and worked with several charities. LOTS of public speaking and television appearances. On top of that, she’s probably learned a thing of two about finances and reporting. In other words, Stephanie is a catch… Somewhere big could hire her.

In my view, though, she’d make a great politician. Unlike her mother Linda McMahon, Stephanie has a lot more independence, charisma, and public speaking ability compared to her mom. Steph has the warmth of her mom, but the energy and persona of her dad (minus the Settlements and NDAs). Honestly, Stephanie was at her best when she wasn’t playing a wrestling character. Just listen to her public speaking engagements and she crushes it everytime. On top of that, she’s a great mom, tough as nails, and it honestly doesn’t hurt that she’s beautiful. In addition, she just walked away from a company that brought back Vince McMahon. That response would be HUGE with female voters and necessary to win in the state of Connecticut, which is a heavy Democratic Party voting state.

In my view, Stephanie was wearing thin on being in a “family company”. The long hours get tougher when you get older, she wants to see her kids, and I don’t think Triple H was having a fun time during 2019-2021 that probably led to his heart condition which forced retirement from in-ring wrestling.

Honestly, have you ever seen a couple who met at work and then get married? All they can talk about is their workplace… It’s what brought them together. Usually what breaks up marriages like that is having kids, because that would distract one from work, or a change-up in the workplace itself or one obtains another job. Suddenly, they are without something to talk about… In the case of Triple H and Stephanie, Triple H lost Creative during the Fall of 2019, he lost Talent Relations during early 2020, and NXT became “2.0” during 2021. He was probably taking those gripes home with him, rather than challenging Vince directly at the office. And then, the heart went out during September 2021… It put things in perspective.

Look, I’ve covered Stephanie McMahon since she began appearing regularly on television during 1999. She did a great job as the “damsel in distress” when the Corporate Ministry would abduct her (I can’t believe I just said that), and the heel turn to join Triple H in marriage helped fill the void opened when Steve Austin left for neck surgery. Things were going really well through 2000 and then we got too many McMahons… See Wrestlemania 16, which sucked with every McMahon in a corner. Then, we got the WCW/ECW Invasion where he “bought” ECW… Good lord. Then, she was the commissioner of Smackdown and would meddle with Paul Heyman’s well booked Smackdown shows during 2003.

What I can’t get over was her tenure as lead write/EVP of Creative that dates from late 2000 through late 2013. She did a bad job and got away with it… And it’s her fault. Writing television was NOT what she went to school for, nor did she have a natural talent to pull it off. But damn, man… WCW/ECW Invasion SUCKED. Return of the NWO was cool at first, then quickly fell apart. Meddling with Paul’s Smackdown booking from 2002-2004 but being OK with how bad RAW was during that timeframe. Divas Search Contests, Hot Lesbian Action, screwing up Kane repeatedly, ruining Shelton Benjamin… Hell, forget that, ruining many careers of Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) wrestlers with idiotic gimmicks. In addition, Stephanie was the one who assembled Hollywood and Comedic writers on her creative team that we’re still suffering through today.

Her on-screen character, too… Just too in control and many babyfaces could never get revenge on her. For all of her put downs of male wrestlers, slaps, and calling Daniel Bryan “B+ Player” repeatedly, she never “got hers”. If you watch Vince McMahon against Steve Austin from 1998-1999, Vince McMahon would always “get his” in the end. Well, she’s attack male wrestlers and nothing would ever happen. I’m not saying the male wrestlers should attack her, but cut promos on her like Chris Jericho used to (until 2002, *face palm*) or actually defy her… But nobody could because she was controlling the booking or was an executive.

Where Stephanie was at her best was NOT in the ring and NOT writing for or producing a wrestling show. Go watch her at a charity event or public speaking on behalf of the WWE somewhere. She’s dynamic, smart, intelligent, and charismatic… When you take that “Pro Wrestling Ego” out of the equation, you start sounding normal and engaging. I’ve had a few people enjoying my columns lately, as I’ve toned down the “Excellence in Column Writing” swagger that I’ve usually had in my columns throughout 2020-2022 here at NoDQ. It’s the same thing…

I do really believe that 2022 has REALLY opened up Stephanie McMahon’s eyes on the “family business” known as WWE. For her to find out the extent of her father’s actions during the Spring of 2022 had to be disgusting for her. I’m sure that she knew of an incident or two, but the extent that his sexual actions were going and also involving John Laurinaitis… Yeah, I think she wanted out of the WWE and not to be associated with what Vince did at the workplace. Rather, she’d rather deal with him as a dad and grandfather… After all, she wouldn’t set a good example for her daughters of she was enabling bad behavior at a workplace that may have caused real female victims. Then again, at age 46, Stephanie has every right to lecture her own father about his behavior and the way it harms their family.

We’ll see how long Triple H lasts… Maybe if he retains Creative and Talent Relations responsibilities, he could stay. Maybe Triple H is the “defacto McMahon” that keeps the link between the older WWE and the newly bought WWE by some corporation or country. Then possibly, his daughters or Shane’s kids can start working for Triple H.

Honestly, I hope that Triple H is not only healthy, but sticks around for the WWE. I know that I give him a hard time, but it’s just my opinion that his Talent Relations work hasn’t produced a consistent like of Main Event Superstars like Jim Ross did for Ohio Valley Wrestling (Cena, Orton, Batista, Lesnar) and John Laurinaitis for FCW/early NXT (Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, etc.). HOWEVER, I cannot deny that Triple H is a good and caring human being. While he may be a tad political and competitive, he is everything that Vince McMahon isn’t as a human being in terms of being humble, caring, and an actual human being. Vince is all business and just needing a bizarre fetish to take the edge off. Hence, why Stephanie McMahon wanted time away from the WWE to focus on her marriage and family. Why? Because Triple H is a good guy and a great dad. She doesn’t want to lose him and her sticking around in the WWE toxic environment risks that.

Now, Stephanie at age 46 has the corporate experience and lots of money to make an even bigger mark on society than what she already did with WWE. I’m telling you, guys, don’t be surprised if you see a “Senator Stephanie McMahon” being sworn into office soon. If not that, another corporation or a big charity is going to LOVE her services. And if not that, her kids have a badass for a mom to enjoy.

Thank you, Stephanie. I may not have agreed with your creative decisions and in-ring work, but you put in countless hours of work for the WWE when there aren’t that many people willing to show that kind of work ethic. You’re still young but now you have a nice resume to display and I’m willing to bet that employers will overlook that LACK of a 2 Weeks’ Notice that you gave Vince McMahon and the WWE Corporation… I’m sure they’ll understand once the newer WWE starts imploding when Corporate Sponsors start backing away because of Vince McMahon.

So just chill… till the next episode!

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