Monkey See, Monkey Do! (Wrestlemania at Wembley Stadium)

So as I sat down taking a break from some house work, I decided to turn on Peacock (what a mistake that was), knowing full well Money in the bank was emanating from the 20,000 seat capacity O2 Arena in London.

Everything was status quo.  Until the appearance of one John Cena.  Which meant one of two things, he was plugging a movie, or a special event.  It was the latter as he suggested the cardinal sin of professional….oops…sports entertainment.

He said that he thought that Wrestlemania needs to be at Wembley Stadium.

Immediately I stopped and did a double take.  Excuse me?!?  He said what???  That was the most Vince-like moment I had ever heard.  At that moment, I said dear god no!

Why would they allow him to say such a thing!  Later on during the press scrum, Triple h had stated he can’t guarantee Wrestlemania in the UK.  What?!?

You mean to tell me, that you had one of your most successful, and noteworthy world champions of all time go out to the ring and asked to have Wrestlemania not only in the UK but at Wembley and all you can basically say is, not so fast???

Not buying it!!!  Since AEW decided back in March to do All In at Wembley Stadium, all of the hardcore WWE fans were clamoring to see Tony Khan and the little engine that could fail.  Here we are on the first of July, there haven’t been any matches announced, and AEW has managed to almost sell out Wembley.  One of the hardest places in England to sell out.

I’m sure once Vince had seen the numbers he was screaming in his office at his T-Rex skull (it’s been documented in WWE programming before), IF THEY CAN DO THIS, WHY CAN’T WE?!?

AEW is also approaching a record in attendance set by Summerslam ‘92 which I’m sure is on Vinny Mac’s mind.  That’s rarified air for a promotion that has been around about 5 years.  The problem is that by and large WWE have been looking past AEW and not seeing them as viable competitors.  And now since All In was announced, they have arrived.  And they shouldn’t be considered a major independent, like your Impact, or GCW.

AEW has hit each milestone to qualify as being on the same level as WWE.  Major TV deal and the backing of a major corporation, million dollar gate, merch sales, now attendance milestones, and video game deals.  They have everything going for them, and now WWE has to pay attention to them.  And because of that they want to snuff them out like they did to WCW, and ECW.

In the end it will be nothing more than a fruitless labor.  So go ahead Vince, throw a fit all you want.  You stay in your lane and let Tony stay in his.

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