Let the Awesome Truth prevail at WrestleMania

WrestleMania might be on both Saturday and Sunday, but I guess R-Truth might show up inside the Lincoln Financial Stadium on a Friday. R-Truth might currently possess the funniest gimmick in pro wrestling right now, but he deserves an award for all his efforts and dedication in his WWE career. He is a former US champion, Tag Team champion with Kofi Kingston, and a 54-time 24/7 Champion. Now is the right time to give his WrestleMania moment.

Teaming up with The Miz in 2024 is a nostalgia for most younger fans since the “Awesome Truth” first teamed up in 2011, and they had a historic tag team match against the unlikely team of John Cena and The Rock at Survivor Series Premium Live Event. They also made some of the most iconic moments in that same year as they “hijacked” the triple threat Hell in a Cell match for the WWE Championship involving Alberto Del Rio, John Cena, and CM Punk.

After their split, The Miz went to a successful path by winning multiple accolades such as being a 9x Intercontinental champion, Tag Team Champion, US champion, Money in the Bank holder, and had another WWE championship run which made him a two-time grand slam champion. R-Truth? He was left behind doing hilarious stuff on TV. Honestly, R-Truth is not a world championship material, but being continuously doing this gimmick and made him shine out of it is some sort of a miracle.

Purely charismatic

Folks on social media saying that R-Truth is a national treasure is undeniably true. No one can compare to R-Truth’s dedication in doing such gimmick just to bring pure entertainment to fans. His “delusional” gimmick adds flavor to sometimes-bland episodes of Raw especially during the time of Vince McMahon. I just feel happy every time R-Truth shows up on TV and does his gimmick. If Vince was really listening to the fans during these times, then he should’ve been an established world championship or main event material.

Thankfully, Triple H is now in charge of WWE’s creative direction and made R-Truth shine more despite his hilarious gimmick. His character portrayal was so effective that R-Truth’s merchandise was one of the best selling in WWE Shop during those weeks. He is also performing great in the ring despite his age, which is something incredible about R-Truth. He is indeed truly charismatic and talented in the squared circle like his childhood hero John Cena.

Unfinished beef with The Judgment Day

After his return to WWE last November, he was spotted in the backstage area on an episode of Raw where all members of The Judgment Day usually hang out. He offered himself as the last member of the group in the WarGames match but in reality, the event was already over. He also considered himself as a legitimate member by giving them share from his earnings of the Live, Laugh, and Love shirt, but Damian Priest and the rest of the group ignored his “presence”. Fairly, the dark side personality gimmick of Judgment Day became interesting in such a way that it is purely entertaining without any kinds of cringe-worthy moments that insult the audiences’ logic.

After the heartbreaking betrayal by Damian Priest to R-Truth during an episode of Raw, he reunited with The Miz and were lately qualified for the six-pack tag team ladder match. It’s somehow clear that R-Truth and The Miz has enough momentum to win the WWE Tag Team Championship. Damian and the entire Judgment Day should’ve appreciated R-Truth’s desire to be a part of the Judgment Day, but it was just nothing for them and even chose to stick with JD McDonagh, even though he lost the “Miracle on 34th Street Fight” against R-Truth on the Christmas episode of Raw.

Split the Undisputed Tag Team Championships

This is the clamor of most WWE fans, including myself, in various social media platforms that WWE should split the tag team championships already. Damian Priest and Finn Bálor are pretty decent as title holders but there are other tag teams that deserve to be champion aside from The Judgment Day. For instance, #DIY has a huge potential to be tag team champion in WWE right now, give them a similar run from their days at NXT, lose their titles and give it to other teams. Splitting the tag team championships will be the best thing to happen at WrestleMania XL, aside from Cody Rhodes’ finishing his story.

WWE’s decision to create a new world title rather than separating the WWE Universal Championship and the WWE championship from Roman Reigns was great at first, although it went bland when Seth “Freakin’” Rollins’ current title reign went longer. I have no problems with Seth and his current gimmick but wrestlers like McIntyre or LA Knight deserve a title win to keep their own momentum. I also think it is not a good decision to let these championship reign longer as many wrestlers in WWE right now are long overdue to become champion in the big leagues. I just hope it won’t happen again more often.

Awesome Truth must win

It’s time for R-Truth to have his WrestleMania moment with The Miz as his tag team partner. The Miz already had his moment multiple times before, including his huge main event clash against John Cena for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 27, but give this time for R-Truth as he is loved by millions of fans worldwide. I also like DIY to win this six-pack ladder match, but they still have plenty of opportunities in the future.

WWE must choose not to let R-Truth’s momentum go away just like what happened to Sami Zayn where Chad Gable is still preferred by fans to battle against Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship. If the Awesome Truth will fail to win the tag team titles at WrestleMania XL, then R-Truth’s future in WWE will just continue to move in a spiral direction. It may remain entertaining, but climbing the ladder of opportunity one more time will be somehow impossible for him, to say the least.