Jay’s Ways – Put Up Or Shut Up Time For Bad Bunny

This is about Bad Bunny.

Who is he you ask?

I had the same question a couple of months ago when he popped up at January’s Royal Rumbl event. Apparently, he is a singer and has a song called “Booker T.” Very cool for the WWE Hall of Famer but still…never heard of him. I’m not going to apologize for not having a clue who this dude is. Same with the Logan Paul clown. Zero idea! Anyways, Bad Bunny was ready to make a splash at the Rumble…literally. When he jumped off the top rope and came to blows with The Miz and John Morrison, my attention peaked. It looked like WWE had its’ WrestleMania themed celebrity involvement. Okay, cool.

Then week after week after week after week, Bad Bunny has not impressed. Seriously. He has not been on fire on the mic. He has not shown off any flashy moves. He has literally stood there like a dope (sometimes with the goofy 24/7 Title) and acted like a tough guy. Standing next to the giant Damian Priest, that was a tough sell. Even for WWE where you have to have a bit of suspension of disbelief, Bad Bunny has not won me over. None of my opinion was changed last night on the final RAW before WrestleMania.

He pulled up to the building in a $3 million car with his shirt tucked in like a huge nerd. First of all, flaunting a $3 million car may seem “cool” with Priest and that whole deal, but it didn’t connect. When The Miz and John Morrison destroyed the vehicle with paint later on, I thought “If he can afford a $3 million car, he can surely afford to have it fixed.” Didn’t really add up. Anyways, all of that led to his big fiery promo hyping up WrestleMania!

This is what WWE brought him in for. To sell WrestleMania to the viewing audience, to all of his Bad Bunny fans tuning in! To deliver a passionate plea to watch WrestleMania this weekend…

…and he stunk again. A blah promo where he rambled on and lost his train of thought repeatedly.

Ugh. No cool factor. No intimidating look. No athleticism shown. NOTHING.

Not a good final impression.

You know what though? You want to know a secret?

I believe he will deliver once the bell rings. Once it is GO TIME, Bad Bunny will have a good tag team match. With Miz, Morrison, and Priest out there, he will do fine. I have no doubts Bad Bunny has been training and knows what to do out there. He will clearly win, and that is fine. It is all about the ‘moments’ anyways, right? For me though, it is put up or shut up time. No editing or pre-recording this. It’s WrestleMania baby…

By Justin Watry (TWITTER: @JustinWatry)

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