It’s time for Rhea Ripley to go solo away from Judgment Day

Last night was the epitome right now of Rhea Ripley’s schedule for the last year since joining Judgement Day. Squash match, trying to prevent Judgement Day from imploding, getting physical with a male wrestler and looking angry when Judgement Day loses.

Its got to end and while what I am suggesting might be “not good” according the IWC and other pro wrestling media/fans, its time.

Rhea Ripley leaves Judgement Day and goes back to wrestling in the women’s division.

Its been now Eight months into this year and Rhea Ripley has wrestled a grand total of seventeen times. That is counting the Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, other PLE’s, RAW and Smackdown. And of those seventeen times, five of them were either the Royal Rumble or six men tag/ Tag Team matches.

And don’t get me started with her title reign which is quickly becoming a “who cares” segment that has many people going for the snack lines. That is what you get when you have a champion win squash matches with no build and a feeling of just “we can watch it on YouTube.”

Critics right now are saying that she is “more over” now that she is on Judgement Day and that she is becoming a bigger star. That she is the heir apparent to (hopefully) eventual Hall of Fame inductee Chyna.

I am calling foul right now, quicker than a corrupt NBA official.

Lets first stop with the Chyna comparison’s right now. For starters it was a different era where you could still curse, slap and insult female heels. That ended though within the last few years due to society frowning upon it, “The Me Too” phenomenon, “Time’s Up” movement and WWE going PG.

In short, there is ZERO chance that Endeavor is going to allow, especially with a new TV deal on the horizon. Expecting Rhea to get her hers from Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn or any other male wrestler is wishful thinking.

As far as “Rhea is a star due to Judgement Day”, she already was a big deal before with wins in past WrestleMania’s for the Raw Women’s title and Tag Team titles. If anything, she helped give Judgement Day more credibility in star rating. But with her role now in Judgement Day being a bit more than eye candy/manager, it often feels like she is wasted.

All of this is going on, the women’s division on RAW is feeling more like a bathroom break than must see TV.

Trish Stratus vs. Becky Lynch has been miscast and continues rolling on like a bad joke that nobody caught on. Raquel Rodriguez and Shayna Baszler are often left in limbo, and nobody takes the women’s tag team titles seriously.

Hell at this point just kill the women’s tag team titles as they are a cursed entity.

Right now, there are tons of feuds for Rhea to engage in that would get fans interested. A rekindled Shayna-Rhea feud with the roles being reversed would be money. They tore up NXT with their hard hitting and intense feud and the two women work well with each other. Or Rhea vs. Piper Niven in a feud where Rhea would be the one who is the “smaller” wrestler and Niven could be the monster who wants to wreck her.

Hell give me Trish Stratus vs Rhea in a generational battle that fans would want to see. Trish the babyface standing up to Rhea while Rhea can show off her mind games, reminding Trish that she never had to bark like a dog.

All of those could be ways to make the division more interesting, make Rhea a bigger name until they go with the dream scenario of Rhea vs. Raquel (Who needs more buildup) … or Rhea vs. Becky Lynch in battle of the badass women.

Meanwhile you could allow Judgement Day to go full heel and allow other wrestlers to take roles. Turn Damian Priest face, which has been teased endlessly but has not been pulled due to reasons. You can even bring up either new NXT guys who could use the rub (JD McDonough and Dijak would be better fits) along with Balor and Dominik.

Either way it would be fresh and allow Rhea to be more than just a manager/eye candy which is what she is in Judgement Day. I understand people want her to be the next Chyna but that isn’t going to happen.

Chyna was a rare breed in that she was nearly twice the size of all the women on the roster and big and strong enough to look like she could handle herself with women. Rhea is three inches shorter and probably 30-40 lbs lighter than Chyan was.

Paul Levesque has consistently said that there is “no chance” of WWE doing any Intergender matches. File that away in the “bad idea” drawer for mainstream wrestling.

Its time for Rhea to go back to being a star wrestler who can have great feuds and banger matches.
And not dragged down by soap opera skits and standing around ringside.

She is better than that.

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