Swerve Strickland comments on proving that being released from WWE was one of the “biggest mistakes” they made

During an interview with Uproxx.com, AEW star Swerve Strickland said the following in regards to being released from WWE…

“That left a big chip on my shoulder to prove it was one of the biggest mistakes you could have made. And now, winning the tag titles with Keith Lee and doing a co-main event in pay-per-views with said tag titles, doing all these big arenas and being featured in a lot of different, very unique ways and being able to do the music crossover and show them that was one of the biggest mistakes you made, but you can’t have it back now. You can’t make up for that now and I’m creating something that’s even bigger than what you expected of me over there. I’m really blessed in that department. I want to not just give back to them, but I want to showcase, I want to exceed the expectations of me here at AEW as well.”

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