Going Broadway: You Didn’t Actually READ the Article, Did You?

A JDB Short…

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. —Joseph Addison

A lot of you are out of shape.


Before I begin this quick rant, I want to give a shout out to these people:

Kevmo Bevmo | Trevor McCarthy | Vinny Vincent | Morgan Davis III | Julian Atkin | Marc Mugzy | Mel Vilain | Darius Jenkins | SJ Jackson | RikuTheDustSeeker | VIP Sound Circle | El Soniado | FermittheKrog | PsykoHurricane | GsSMartassEsquire 

If I missed anyone, I apologize. From what I can tell, these are the social media users that actually READ the Nikki Cross article from yesterday. Whether you agreed or disagreed with the piece, you actually read it. This is important for a civilized society.

Thank you.

Unfortunately, most who commented did not read it, as I fully expected. We have the trolls with goofy Bray Wyatt avatars, as well as many others, who instead of reading it, commented with lines like:

  • “The gimmick was her idea!”
  • “Once again this proves no matter what wwe dose the dirt sheet writers orders there sheep to attack wwe.” (What grade are you in? Man, the spelling errors are rough here…)
  • “Not gonna give this article a click, but is this Mr. Tito?”
  • “Not clicking because I can guess who wrote it” (Damn, Tito, you’ve made some enemies…)
  • “She’s only had one match”
  • “It was her idea. Nothing to do with creative…”
  • (Insert random derogatory comment about Dave Meltzer for some reason…)


I’m speechless…though not surprised…

To Comment or Not to Comment

As expected, many simply read a headline and assumed the entire article consists of the headline. Here’s the thing about opinion pieces — they don’t have to explain exactly what the article is about in one headline.

A news story does. I’ve written  many in my former career as a journalist. A news story needs to get the point. However, context is king — and an article is worth reading for more information.

However, an opinion tends to be more complex than what a straight-laced, factual (hopefully), news article can deliver. So when I said Nikki Cross is everything wrong with WWE creative, there were clear layers to that statement.

Do some of you prefer the alternate headline of “Nikki Cross’s New Gimmick Indicates a Clear Problem with WWE Writers’ Abilities to Form Natural Character Progression”?

Eh. I don’t…

So with the information above, regardless of whether it’s an opinion piece or a news piece, I have to ask one question before this section wraps up:



Going Home

This is a short one. But I honestly could have written this article before the Nikki Cross piece. Some wrestling fans are so gullible and predictable. Again, I don’t care if you agreed or disagreed with the article in question, but I’m just happy if you read it.

The article was shared well over a thousand times on social media, so before casting me as another dumb internet mark, what have you been doing in the wrestling community aside from commenting on articles you don’t even read?

This isn’t a wrestling fan problem, either. Unfortunately, many choose to comment on news/opinion articles they don’t even read across all mediums. Ya’ll make yourselves look really dumb when you do that.

In conclusion, I love Nikki Cross. And I hope that if for some strange reason the prior article got to her, I hope she actually reads it. I hope that she tries to push WWE creative to give this new gimmick a backstory at the very least so fans can fully invest in the character.

But my criticism stands. It’s why the piece probably came off as a pro-AEW article aside from the McMahon/Creative-bashing. Because I appreciate good writing and character progression.

For those who are into that thing, we have our chosen show every Wednesday night (post NBA Playoffs). For those who don’t care about good writing and storytelling, well…