Allysin Kay (Sienna) shares photo with message about her body

Allysin Kay aka Sienna, who has wrestled for various promotions including Impact Wrestling and the NWA, shared a photo on Instagram with an accompanying message…

“This picture is old but the message remains the same. My name is Allysin Kay, and this is True Life: I have a fat ass. 😂

I hate when people tell me I don’t have cellulite. 😅 The reason this irritates me is because: 1) They’re denying what I’m seeing with my own eyes, and 2) They’re either invalidating it because they’re comparing me to another body that has more, or they’re assuming I’m insecure about it, which really just speaks to the stigma around it in our society.

I just DGAF about having cellulite… anymore. I didn’t always feel this way. I still catch myself wanting to smooth out my legs in photos & then I have to slap myself. In the ‘good’ lighting, you can’t see it. When I’m in gear and I’m wearing capezios, (fishnets) it’s mostly hidden. But when it’s footloose & fancy free it does what it wants. 😂

This is not me fishing for compliments. Honestly, the ‘but you’re still beautiful’ comments annoy me because I never said I was ugly. 😂 This post is to hopefully inspire people to put on those SHORTS (which are not pants) or that bikini and make great memories with friends & family without wasting your mental space worrying about what other people are thinking. And hopefully to inspire other people with large followings to stop airbrushing the ever living SHIT out of their bodies and portraying an unrealistic body image. 🤪🙌🏼

Side Note: There is empowerment in modesty too, if that’s what YOU like. You don’t get to tell other people what empowers them.

Life is too short to care about others projecting their insecurities & poor self image onto you. LOVE YOSELF 🖤”