Degeneration Dex: Giving Naomi her flowers

Welcome to Degeneration Dex!!! Ladies & Gents, it’s been an interesting week in the WWE women’s locker room! We had a returning Lita flatten Big Time Becks with a flawless Litasault! Ronda Rousey is back in action, Natalya, Xia Li, and Alyiah in a no-title feud, and a Raw talent Elimination Chamber match that really could be won by any of the announced competitors (or the mystery entry). 

It’s safe to say the women’s division is picking up steam heading into Wrestlemania season! Now today, I want to pay a little focus to one specific superstar that I find a-maa-zing (see what I did there). None other than two-time Smackdown women’s champion and former Funkadactyl NAOMI! 

I’ve personally been a fan of Naomi since 2014, and I still remember when she suffered an injury to her eye during a match, and not only continued the match but returned after the injury WRESTLING WITH AN EYE PATCH! I remember watching in amazement as she competed then, and the years following which include her women’s title wins, her Royal Rumble save spots, her show-stopping performances in the Money In The Bank matches, and her win in the inaugural women’s WrestleMania battle royal to name a few. 

Naomi has also always been pretty vocal about the online criticism she’s faced over the years as well, even detailing the mental anguish it’s caused her. I think it’s important for us as wrestling fans to be expressive, but I also think it’s equally important to give credit where credit is due! 

On this week’s edition of Smackdown Naomi came up short in her title match with Charlotte, but she won in so many other avenues! To start, she was in the opening segment furthering her feud with authority figure Sonya Deville, showing off her mic skills and getting the crowd behind her early on in the night. The main event had a big fight feel to it, and I may or may not have jumped on my couch a few times in anticipation. Naomi is such an incredible talent and watching her last night had me thinking both “she’s amazing” and “She’s been active for ten years now. How much longer will we be able to enjoy this talent?” Let’s appreciate this superstar while we still can!

Thank you guys for taking the time to read this, it’s been such a pleasure being in the ring with the NODQ team! Until next time!