Booking Cody Rhodes from Hell in a Cell through Summerslam

Since Cody Rhodes’s return to WWE at Wrestlemania, he’s been on a roll. From the star-like presentation and matches with Seth Rollins, it’s brought something refreshing to Monday Night Raw. But the honeymoon period is starting to ware, and it’s time to think long term about Rhodes. With WWE seeing Rhodes as a top babyface, it’s time to dive into what to do with him in the coming months.

Hell in a Cell
Rhodes’s program is easy to predict. I would expect Rhodes to end his feud with Seth Rollins, but who goes over at the premium live event is harder to predict. It’s too soon for Rhodes to lose his first match, but Rollins needs a win. The best way for both to come out on top would be to infuse more about Dusty into this rivalry. Rollins can present himself as the protege of Dusty because Cody was failing to live up to his name. Cody can respond that he didn’t need his father in his corner, unlike Rollins, who would be nothing without Dusty’s tutelage, creating more intensity for their match at Hell in a Cell. Rhodes will go over in this match. Despite Rollins needing a win, it’s too soon for Rhodes to lose.

Money in the Bank
Summerslam is the next premium live event with a quick turnaround, 28 days after Money in the Bank. Because of this, I expect Rhodes to be in the Money in the Bank ladder match. This way, Rhodes can get a proper build for Summerslam and continue his quest for the WWE championship. Rhodes will not win but will be fingertips to winning the briefcase just to be forted by Kevin Owens. Owens will win the match with Rhodes coming so close. Although Rhodes will lose, he still has yet to be pinned; it protects him. It will serve as motivation for Rhodes’ to challenge Roman Reigns for the WWE championship.

Now, Rhodes is ready for a program with Reigns. The story writes itself, Cody is ready to win the WWE championship for Dusty. But there is one roadblock in the way it’s the Tribal Chief: Roman Reigns. The two will first face-off in a promo battle; Reigns will tell Rhodes he is not good enough just like his dad. Rhodes will mention how he’s not just doing it for him or his dad but his entire family. Rhodes will then go on and say; that Reigns is nothing without his bloodline. If it weren’t for his name, he would be nothing. There will be similar back and forths and likely tag-matches where the two oppose each other. At Summerslam, Rhodes will come out hot, but for only Reigns to gain control and maintain it. Reigns will beat down Rhodes to prove he’s not a challenge. Reigns will spear Rhodes but only get a two-count. Rhodes will hit a comeback and hit a CrossRhodes for a false finish. The two will go back and forth, then Rhodes will hit the Bionic elbow and the CrossRhodes for the win. Rhodes wins the WWE championship in front of 69,000 fans at Nissan Stadium. The perfect way for Rhodes to accomplish his goal of winning the big one. Post-Summerslam, I want to see Rhodes take on Edge. It will be a good opening feud for Rhodes to establish his reign.

Booking Rhodes will be a challenge for WWE, and do I expect it to happen exactly like this? No. But this would be the way to do it, in my opinion. Rhodes winning the WWE championship at Summerslam, a big four event, makes sense. The short build-up with Reigns will prevent staleness, the emotion will be high and the large crowd. It may not happen this way, but one thing remains true. It’s not a matter if Rhodes becomes WWE champion; it’s a matter of when.