AEW’s Biggest Problem…. Tony Khan!

“Professionalism is knowing how to do it, when to do it, and doing it.”
Frank Tyger

Tony Khan should heed those words as his actions and comments are the main reason why he is AEW’s biggest enemy and problem. Time and time again he has acted at times more like a fan boy and spoiled brat rather than a professional owner. For years wrestling fans often called TNA’s Dixie Carter or UWF’s Herbie Brooks the worst owners but Tony is nearly as bad or worse due to his lack of professionalism. And it’s been the biggest problem facing AEW.

For starters there are the constant tweets that at times have him coming across as a raving lunatic. His public outburst against Mike Coppinger was at best childish and at worst psychotic. Doesn’t matter if people think that Coppinger was right or wrong in his, it was the fact he started screaming at him on Twitter. First off he is attacking a reporter for the top Sports News Network in the world and cursing at him out which will do him and his promotion no favors. Second name me the last time an NFL Owner blasted a sports reporter over some minor stadium news; you can’t! And Tony Khan is part of the Jacksonville Jaguars brain trust.

But more on that later in this article.

Then you add in his interactions in press conferences where he often comes off as a fan boy rather than the owner. Look at the Ceasaro announcement and when Tony hugged Cesaro and NJPW’s Okada.

It was flat out embarrassing and even Cesaro called it “Strange”. That kind of behavior does him no favors with business owners, sponsors and potential investors who must look at him with concern. In a world where owners of multimillion corporations behave with professionalism, Tony comes across as a raving lunatic.

I get it, AEW Fans are going to tell me that he is passionate and that he cares about the product. That he is a wrestling fan who just cares about the fans and wants to give a quality product. And that is great but when you’re the owner of a company, you aren’t supposed to act like a crazed fan.

The biggest worry is that outside of pro wrestling, he has a horrible reputation among NFL and Premier League circles as an embarrassment. He has gotten into altercations with fans, Twitter spats with players, and generally is considered over his head. And yet in the pro wrestling world, AEW fans bury their heads in the sands and keep lying to themselves that he is not the problem. Casuals look at him and his constant “huge announcements” and view him as crazed out of control. And as a result, the product often feels like its being run by the IWC bookers and no real plan or future.

One of the many reasons why until Tony Khan starts becoming professional in his attitude and behavior… AEW will continue to suffer.