Wrestle Review: Everything Changes
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 05/01/2021 at 11:49 AM

I've read several reports that said AEW was very close to signing Tessa Blanchard and Daga. Listen, I understand that her father is under their employ and it's a no-brainer athlete-wise to bring her in. However, are we forgetting why Impact Wrestling dropped her? I mean, she was their world champion and they fired her. Granted, time has passed. Ringside News said they were close to signing and said just as recently as Saturday morning that Tessa and Daga were headed to AEW. I guess we'll see what unfolds on that front, won't we?

Daniel Bryan wrestled his "last" match on the Smackdown brand Friday. Maybe he goes to Raw. The least likely outcome is that he goes to NXT. They did force Cesaro to watch as Roman bashed Bryan with a chair post-match. At what point are we getting Reigns vs Cesaro? Obviously Reigns will retain when that match happens. But wait, I'm burying the lead. Roman Reigns finally got new entrance music. Big Dog no more, this new music is more majestic. I think it's more fitting for Roman's heel character.

AEW Blood & Guts is finally happening this Wednesday! Inner Circle vs Pinnacle in what should be a wild one. I have no idea what happens here. Cody Rhodes made his return this past week, emerging from the Nightmare Family bus and whipping QT Marshall. I'm thinking this either leads to Cody's crew vs QT's crew at this month's ppv and, at some point, Cody vs QT.

Kenny Omega truly is the belt collector. Impact has started a tournament to determine who Kenny's first challenger for the Impact Championship will be. Impact has been really entertaining in recent memory and this recent development only heightens interest. How long will people tune in in hopes that Kenny finally gets his? Oh, I think Impact has struck gold here. And what happens when Rich Swann returns? I'm definitely hooked onto watching Impact for the future!

What happens this week in the crazy world of wrestling? There's only one way to find out: stay tuned and stay plugged in. Or logged on. Whatever. Until next week!

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