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I can't write about AEW all the time, can I? Currently, I have a "Why AEW DOESN'T need Tessa Blanchard" article in the works, but if she happens to make a surprise appearance in the Rumble tonight, I guess I just hit that DELETE button on that draft...

As a writer, I appreciate the fundamental basis of logic and storyline progression. With WWE's history of start-stop feuds and nonsensical pushes, suffice it to say, I'm not a huge fan of WWE at all.

But that doesn't mean I can't write about it and give my honest predictions. SO with that, a rundown of who SHOULD win compared to who probably WILL win each match for tonight's Royal Rumble.

Women's Royal Rumble

Who SHOULD win: Bianca Belair
Who probably WILL win: Lacey Evans

Vince McMahon keeps trying to make Lacey Evans happen. While her cringeworthy feud with Charlotte Flair (because she's banging her dad) belongs more on a B-Rate reality television show rather than on a wrestling show -- we're going to get Lacey Evans versus Charlotte Flair at Wrestlemania. It's going to be awful.

Bianca Belair has been on the rise, and should set up nicely for a win and a challenge against Sasha Banks for the Smackdown Women's Championship at Wrestlemania. Will this happen? Probably not. Expect Charlotte and Asuka to lose their titles and for Charlotte to jump into a deeper feud with Lacey Evans -- possibly for the RAW Women's Championship after Asuka drops it at Elimination Chamber.

Men's Royal Rumble

Who SHOULD win: Ali
Who probably WILL win: Edge

Ali's injury two years ago, and replacement by Kofi Kingston, ultimately led to one of the greatest WrestleMania moments in history with Kofi's win over Bryan. It SHOULD have been Ali in that spot...This is the ultimate redemption story with Ali not only beating Kingston, but eventually going after the company man -- Roman Reigns. While Ali and Reigns are both technically heels, the story of a man getting his own form of twisted redemption and sending his goons after Reigns and company for the ultimate prize is a great story -- even if it plays out with one bad guy on top of another. We are just shades of grey, right Vince?

But it likely won't happen.

Instead, we're likely to get Edge with a victory to take on a heel Reigns at Wrestlemania -- which isn't a bad matchup at all. With Wyatt and Orton taking a Mania spot with unfinished business, this frees up Edge for a major comeback win.

McIntyre vs. Goldberg *WWE Championship*

Who SHOULD win: McIntyre
Who probably WILL win: Goldberg

Because of course Goldberg will, right? Honestly, I don't really see Goldberg winning here, but I also wouldn't put it past Vince to have Goldberg to win the championship to set up a returning John Cena to take on Goldberg at Wrestlemania to win his record 17th World Championship.

If McIntyre wins, I would love to see Jinder Mahal return to face Drew at Mania. They have history and that makes for great storytelling.

Reigns vs. Owens *Universal Championship*

Who SHOULD win: Reigns
Who WILL win: Reigns

This is one they'll get right, and it's not for anything against Owens. Owens is usually under-utilized and deserves more than his WWE career has given him, but at least he gets a main event in a major show here. This is too easy, however. Now I think there's a way outside shot of The Rock getting involved after the match and receiving a beatdown by Reigns, setting up The Rock vs. Reigns at Wrestlemania (Edge would instead take on Goldberg *Spear vs. Spear*), but I think these chances are likely very slim.

Regardless, Reigns is the best thing on WWE television right now, and he's too hot to drop the title right now, possibly even not until 2022.

Nia & Shayna vs. Charlotte & Asuka *WWE Women's Tag Team Championships*

Who SHOULD win: Nobody. Put the tag titles on another team
Who probably WILL win: Nia & Shayna

This match only exists for Lacey Evans to show up with Charlotte's dad to district her, leading to a Nia and Shayna win. This match is basically filler.

Will I even watch tonight? I guess that depends on my level of boredom.

The WWE product has continually let me down over the years, and it's hard for me to expect that anything will go much different tonight. While I would LOVE to be proven wrong with surprises and a general direction leading to WrestleMania that is both engaging and interesting -- history shows that McMahon will put marquee matchups with little build over logical storytelling and deserving talent without a second thought. Hence, I could easily see a Goldberg/Cena matchup, or a Rock/Reigns matchup at Mania. My hope is that McMahon & Co. can reel me back in as a fan, but it hasn't happened in quite some time, and when I DO watch, I feel like I'm watching a trainwreck in slow motion.

Until next time, stay safe, and have a happy rumble.

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