Zelina Vega addresses her status with WWE after being out of action for several months

Zelina Vega has not competed since losing a match to WWE RAW women’s champion Bianca Belair on the April 11th 2022 edition of RAW. In May, it was reported that Zelina was out of action due to an in-ring injury that required surgery.

While speaking to fans on Instagram, Zelina addressed her status with the company…

“I can’t give it all away, come on, now. Everybody’s like, ‘OMG, when is she gonna return?’ I’m like, ‘I promise, I will. I just can’t tell you when,’ because, if I were to say, ‘Hey guys, here on this live, I’m telling you that I’m gonna return tomorrow or I’m coming back today,’ you’d be like, ‘Oh! cool!’ Versus, if I made it really cool, like, the return is, like, really awesome, and it wasn’t spoiled on the freaking dirtsheets, it would actually be a really good surprise. And that’s what you want- the surprise!” (quote courtesy of Sportskeeda.com)