WWE’s CM Punk called out by rapper for being “a little insensitive bitch” that lost to a “jobber” in the UFC

Violent J of the rap group Insane Clown Posse wrote a post about CM Punk on the official ICP Instagram account. J, who wrestled for various promotions including WWE and WCW, stated the following…

“Fuck @cmpunk for life. You wouldn’t shake our hands in TNA lil bitch and you clown on the only real friend you ever had in Colt Cabana you bitch. I Shared my bank account with my mom before she passed you little insensitive bitch. You little heartless alien.

Suck my dick you little weak bitch couldn’t beat a jobber in UFC you fuckin nearly pathetic little joke. Come beat me up bitch. You suffer inside everyone, and they momma knows that. Get your head right you little suffering ass bitch. .. VJ of Insane Clown Posse- just as legendary as you lil bitch. Face it.”

Cabana, who had a public falling out with Punk, is scheduled to appear at ICP’s JCW event this weekend in Detroit, MI.