The Undertaker gives praise to a WWE star that he is “real high on”

During his podcast, WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker commented on the wrestling product improving in recent years. Undertaker gave praise to multiple wrestlers…

Gunther: “Gunther is my guy…two years ago he had about a 10-minute conversation with my little boy. My little boy is fascinated by him. Colt is fascinated by him. They had a conversation out of the clear blue and he sat there and just talked to him. That’s not why he’s my guy. He’s my guy because he knows how to work and tell a story. I’m real high on him.”

Randy Orton: “He doesn’t have bad matches…he’s so much smarter now. He knows he needs to take care of himself so he doesn’t do anything that’s unnecessary but it doesn’t affect the quality of his matches. A lot of people are getting the rub from Randy.”

Ricochet: “He makes it look so easy, so flawless…I’ve loved him since he was Prince Puma when he was doing that Lucha Underground and then that match with Will Ospreay he had in New Japan that went viral. I love that style of fast-paced wrestling. Like, I can’t do that. I’m so impressed because I can’t do that. These guys are the best in the world…” (quotes courtesy of