Full WWE Smackdown results (SPOILERS) for 6/14/24 from Glasgow, Scotland

The June 14th 2024 edition of WWE Smackdown took place in Glasgow, Scotland leading up to the Clash at the Castle PLE. Here are the results of the show that will air on tape delay in the United States…

* Naomi (with Bayley) vs. Chelsea Green (with Piper Niven) kicked off the show. Chelsea cut a promo and said there would be two crushing defeats in Scotland. The crowd sang “Hey Bayley” during the match. After some back and forth, Chelsea attempted to cheat but putting her feet on the ropes but Bayley knocked them off. Naomi then picked up the victory.

* Backstage, Baron Corbin thanked General Manager Nick Aldis for allowing him to have a fresh start on Smackdown. Legado Del Fantasma came in and called Corbin a “charity case.” Nick Aldis revealed that Legado was fined for attacking Apollo Crews last week and Santos Escobar said he would face Apollo in a match.

* DIY were guests on The Grayson Waller Effect. When Waller said he would take a bullet for Austin Theory, DIY had footage shown of Waller pulling Theory in the way of a dive from last week’s Smackdown. DIY wanted a tag team titles match but Waller turned it down. Johnny Gargano spoke to Theory and said Theory is being used by Waller. Waller took a cheap shot at Gargano and a fight broke out. Gargano went for a superkick on Waller but Theory ended up taking the blow for Waller. DIY posed with the tag titles to end the segment.

* Backstage, Blair Davenport had words with Bayley and Naomi. After a distraction from Chelsea, Piper came in and splashed Bayley/Naomi up against a wall.

* The next match was Santos vs. Apollo. Legado provided an early distraction which led to Baron Corbin attacked them to even the odds. However, Legado returned after the commercial break and attacked Corbin. Elektra Lopez knocked Apollo off the top rope and Santos rolled up Apollo for the victory.

* Cody Rhodes came out for a promo. The crowd sang his song lyrics and then sang a “Cody Rhodes” chant. Cody was quickly interrupted by AJ Styles and The OC. Cody wanted Styles in the ring alone and Styles obliged.

The crowd chanted “shut the f*ck up” at Styles as he talked about Cody quitting companies like WWE, NJPW, and ROH. Styles even brought up how Cody helped start a promotion (AEW) but quit that as well.

Cody said he didn’t quit but rather walked away to chase something greater and bet on himself. Cody said Styles had to pretend to be Mark Henry to get a title rematch.

Styles gave Cody credit for not quitting at Hell in a Cell in 2024 but said he’ll do whatever it takes to make Cody quit at Clash at the Castle.

* The Street Profits were attacked backstage by The Bloodline.

* There was a women’s tag team titles video package.

* Tiffany Stratton was on commentary for Nia Jax vs. Michin. Michin threw Nia into the ring post but then Tiffany threw water in Michin’s face which led to Michin throwing Tiffany over the announce table. Michin got back in the ring but Nia quickly took advantage and scored the win.

* Backstage, Owens said he’ll fight Bloodline by himself.

* Footage was shown from Logan Paul’s Tetris tournament. Footage was also shown of Logan Paul arriving at his home in Puerto Rico only for LA Knight to be lounging in his pool.

* Carmelo Hayes cut a promo in the crowd and said LA Knight wasn’t cooking but was rather medium-rare trash. Hayes vowed to become Melo in the Bank.

* Backstage, Aldis said The Tongas were banned from ringside for Solo Sikoa vs. Owens. Heyman warned that if Solo lost, Solo would lose his leadership position. Solo responded by saying that if he lost, he’d be coming after Heyman.

* Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn were interviewed in the arena. They vowed to make history at Clash as the Castle.

* Solo faced Owens in the main event. Owens was wearing a “Scotland 3:16” shirt. Owens went right after Solo and delivered a frogsplash off the apron to Solo on the floor.

After the commercial break, the match went back and forth. They traded superkicks but Owens got the upper hand and delivered several of them. Owens came off the top with a swanton bomb but Solo kicked out. They ended up on the apron and Solo gave Owens a back body drop onto the floor.

After another commercial break, Solo hit two spinning Solos but Owens kicked out. Owens came back and hit a stunner but Heyman put Solo’s foot on the bottom rope. Owens went after Heyman on the outside but Solo took advantage with a Samoan spike. Solo got Owens back in the ring and won with another spike.

* After the main event, The Tongas attacked Owens. However, Randy Orton ran down to make the save. Tonga Loa got hit with an RKO and Solo fled the scene.