Bayley gives her thoughts on Mercedes Mone leaving WWE for AEW

During an interview with Denise Salcedo, WWE women’s champion Bayley commented on her former tag team partner Mercedes Mone fka Sasha Banks leaving WWE for AEW…

“I’m so excited to see her take this to the next level. As much as I miss having her here, wrestling to me still feels weird without her, but it’s like I have her in a different way where I can tell her what’s going on here and what I need help with and what I’m trying to do to make it better over here, and the same goes for her. It’s kinda nice that we’re able to help and grow in two different companies and separately. In a way, it’s kind of better.”

“I’m so proud of her just for taking that leap and taking a chance on herself, and she has so much to offer the world, and there’s just so much more that she’s gonna be able to do. I’m really excited to watch her. Now I just get to be a fan. Can’t be her tag partner anymore, but now I get to be a fan.” (quotes courtesy of