WWE Producer Shane Helms advises fans to stop investing in ‘rumor-mill horseshit’

As previously noted, news has been reported in regards to creative plans for WWE stars prior to them being released on November 4th, 2021.

WWE Producer Shane Helms addressed the reports with the following comments on Twitter…

“I promise all wrestling fans, if you stop investing in this ‘behind the scenes’ rumor-mill horseshit, you’ll enjoy Pro Wrestling soooo much more. Imagine giving this much attention to ‘behind the scenes shit’ with movies and other TV shows? Why?? Sooo stupid.

Pay attention to the sites that get defensive about what I tweet. A scalded dog will squeal. They’ll attack any and all of us over anything but how dare we defend the business, not just a company, that we love? Oh well, what can you do? I’ll still be my happy positive self. [Thumbs up emoji]

Apparently emphasizing that I was referring to ‘rumor-mill horseshit’ confused soooo many trolls. Imagine being angry at someone simply because they want you to enjoy something more. So strange. Keep trying to change the narrative, I know what I meant.”