Paul Wight addresses his frequent heel and face turns during wrestling career

In an interview with, Paul Wight aka The Big Show talked about his frequent heel and face turns during his wrestling career…

“Oh, I think it’s super frustrating. One of the things that turning did is made it hard for me to develop a consistent identity, you know, to sell merch. Merchandise is a huge part of our industry and you either have to have a solid run as a really dominant heel where people want to buy your stuff because you’re the antihero and they like it, or you need to have a solid run as a babyface where they love your stuff and everybody wants to buy it. When you’re flip-flopping, a lot of times you’re pissing people off—you’re constantly dividing your audience.”

“During these situations, most people thought I was schizophrenic and they didn’t understand what I was doing and why I was doing it. Usually, it wasn’t up to me.”

“But it was frustrating because you’re just like, “Why am I doing this? I was fine last week. What happened in six days that made me lose my mind?” But that’s the entertainment industry, I guess. Sure, it would have been nice to have a career that was a little bit more consistent, a little bit more solid.”

WWE News: Paul Wight Opens Up About “Super Frustrating” Heel And Face Turns

Paul Wight has revealed that he found his numerous face and heel turns incredibly frustrating as they prevented him from gaining any kind of consistency as a character. During his long and illustrious career Paul Wight has become known by fans for his numerous heel and face turns, as well as his physical exploits in the ring.