WWE President Nick Khan comments on Vince McMahon’s resignation following “horrific” allegations

During an appearance on The Town with Matthew Belloni, WWE President Nick Khan was asked if the company’s television deal with Netflix for RAW would’ve been “killed” if the sex trafficking lawsuit against Vince McMahon was filed sooner…

“I don’t know about ‘kill’ but it certainly wouldn’t have helped the deal (Khan said about Vince McMahon allegations). So those allegations are obviously horrific and serious and we take them and interpret them the same way I think every other reasonable person or organization would take them and you saw the quick resignation… No (Netflix did not tell us to make McMahon resign). Not in any way, shape or form… No (Vince is not involved in any way). Zero. As a stockholder as I’m a stockholder (is the only way he’s involved). Zero, zero, zero.

By the way, he chose to resign. So, there was no litigation. As you said, there was no threat in litigation.” (quote courtesy of PostWrestling.com)