WWE President Nick Khan and COO Brad Blum revealed as key figures in Vince McMahon sex trafficking lawsuit

It was reported by The Wall Street Journal in January of 2024 that Janel Grant, a former WWE employee, filed a lawsuit against WWE, Vince McMahon, and John Laurinaitis in a Connecticut federal court. McMahon was accused of sex trafficking in the complaint.

According to a report by frontofficesports.com, WWE president Nick Khan and COO Brad Blum are the men identified as Corporate Officers No. 1 and No. 2 in the lawsuit. It was noted that neither Khan nor Blum is alleged to have participated in or known about abuse of any kind.

The article stated the following…

“Front Office Sports independently identified Khan and Blum, as well as the two other anonymous corporate officers to whom the suit refers, by cross-checking the details of the suit against publicly available records like online résumés and corporate filings, as well as information provided by sources familiar with WWE. (Corporate Officer No. 1 is said in the suit, for example, to have maintained a fourth-floor office at the company’s former headquarters, which a person who worked there confirmed was true of Khan.) FOS then asked Grant’s lawyer, Ann Callis, whether its reporting was accurate. ‘I can confirm that these names are correct,’ she said.”

It was also stated that the person identified in the lawsuit as Corporate Officer No. 3 is Stephanie McMahon. The lawsuit states the following about Corporate Officer No. 3…

Additionally, WWE Corporate Officer No. 3, another high-ranking WWE official and member of the WWE Board of Directors at the time of Ms. Grant’s employment with WWE, motioned for Ms. Grant to sit in a chair near WWE Corporate Officer No. 3 at the Boardroom Table during one of the meetings. Upon information and belief, WWE Corporate Officer No. 3 knew of other instances of McMahon engaging in inappropriate sexual conduct.

The lawsuit lists the following instances of Corporate Officers No. 1 and No. 2…

On March 2, 2022, while Ms. Grant was away on a trip to Florida, McMahon called Ms. Grant to advised that it would probably be the last time she would hear from him and, if she needed anything, to contact WWE Corporate Officer No. 1 or WWE Corporate Officer No. 2. Over the course of an approximately half hour call, McMahon lamented both his inability to focus on the upcoming WrestleMania and how his personal life had blown up over the past few weeks. Towards the end of their conversation, McMahon and Ms. Grant agreed to resume contact after WrestleMania. He also instructed Ms. Grant to continue having sexual relations with other men, including WWE Superstar, in the meantime.

For instance, in or around March 2021, Ms. Grant introduced herself to WWE Corporate Officer No. 1 when they passed one another in the hallway. WWE Corporate Officer No. 1 responded by telling Ms. Grant that WWE Corporate Officer No. 1 knew exactly who she was.

WWE Corporate Officer No. 1 maintained an office suite on the executive 4th floor of WWE’s company headquarters at 1241 East Main Street. Meanwhile, Ms. Grant’s cubicle in the company’s legal department was in a different building (1266 East Main) and across the street from WWE Corporate Officer No. 1’s office. Ms. Grant had no physical presence at 1241 East Main Street until the beginning of February 2021, when she began to report to an attorney who kept an office in both buildings.

Given that WWE Corporate Officer No. 1 a very high-ranking WWE officer and Ms. Grant was an entry-level coordinator in the legal department, it is unusual that WWE Corporate Officer No. 1 would know who Ms. Grant was at all at that point, except WWE Corporate Officer No. 1 knew of Ms. Grant at least in part by hearing about the ongoing exploitation of Ms. Grant by McMahon.

Following Ms. Grant’s messages to McMahon on March 9, 2021, McMahon summoned Ms. Grant to his condo that evening for a conversation during which McMahon confirmed that WWE Corporate Officer No. 1, indeed, knew exactly who she was, as McMahon had met privately with WWE Corporate Officer No. 1 and WWE Corporate Officer No. 2 and advised these individuals of McMahon’s connection to Ms. Grant.

McMahon continued this conversation by detailing to Ms. Grant that they had expressed concern but were ultimately supportive. McMahon also advised Ms. Grant that one or both of WWE Corporate Officer No. 1 and/or WWE Corporate Officer No. 2 inquired whether Ms. Grant could be trusted, and that McMahon offered assurances that Ms. Grant would not do something to hurt the WWE.

Knowledge on the part of WWE is further illustrated by the multiple meetings Ms. Grant had about initial hiring and subsequent position changes, including a number of such meetings with WWE Corporate Officer No. 2 and a voice memo McMahon sent Ms. Grant the following morning, on March 10, mentioning the names of both WWE Corporate Officer No. 1 and WWE Corporate Officer No. 2 in connection with the new role. It’s unusual for the Executive Chairman and CEO to name-drop two of the company’s highest-ranking officers in connection with a coordinator’s first job promotion especially as there are Human Resources partners assigned to each department.

Knowledge on the part of WWE is further illustrated by the fact that Ms. Grant’s presence became more visible over time, including during Executive Committee meetings, which were attended by individuals who had either direct knowledge of McMahon’s sexual exploitation of Ms. Grant or were otherwise suspicious. Given Ms. Grant’s length of employment and job title, it was an abnormal sign of different and special treatment for her to attend such meetings, especially when the executive head of the department, Laurinaitis, was in attendance as well. Notably, Ms. Grant inquired with both WWE Corporate Officer No. 1 and WWE Corporate Officer No. 2 about whether it was appropriate for her to attend these meetings.

The “negotiations” of the NDA were brief – lasting only eight days. Ms. Grant reminded McMahon that the NDA ought to address people who knew about their relationship, including, but not limited to: WWE Corporate Officer No. 1, WWE Corporate Officer No. 2, John Laurinaitis, and McMahon’s personal assistants. Ms. Grant and her attorney sought to incorporate the list of individuals who had knowledge of the relationship into a Schedule A in the NDA. Ms. Grant’s requested revisions were flatly rejected by McMahon and WWE, who reverted to their original draft rather than incorporate any of her proposed changes – with the exception that, as of the date of execution, Ms. Grant would not speak of the relationship.

Upon information and belief, other WWE employees benefited financially in helping to assist, support and facilitate the commercial sex acts of McMahon in that WWE’s culture revolved around trust relationships, increased status with McMahon and prioritizing the protection of the company. For instance, both WWE Corporate Officer No. 1 and WWE Corporate Officer No. 2 continued to assist in maintaining a position at WWE, as well as advancement opportunities, for Ms. Grant after being told of McMahon’s relations with her. Upon further information and belief, other employees were forced to resign or were let go if they knew of McMahon’s exploits and failed to assist, support and/or facilitate them, such as former WWE employee, WWE Corporate Officer No. 4.

The full report from frontofficesports.com can be read at the link below…

WWE’s Nick Khan, Brad Blum Revealed as Key Figures in Vince McMahon Sex-Trafficking Suit

Also in the suit: former WWE exec Stephanie McMahon, who is described as knowing of other instances of her father engaging in ‘inappropriate sexual conduct.’