WWE personality MVP publicly makes claim about Paul “Triple H” Levesque and the regime

During the week, WWE personality MVP shared a photo of himself with The Hurt Business. Numerous fans left comments about the company’s decision to break up the faction. MVP ended up responding to fans that were blaming Vince McMahon for the group’s demise. Here are some of the replies from MVP…

Dave Batista: “They left a lot of money on the table with that one. Color me confused!”

MVP: “And we were never given an explanation for why.”

absoluteperfectshawn: “As much as I would love to see The Hurt Business back on TV, the only way I’d want it back is if @sheltyb803 is back in the fold. Ain’t the Hurt Business without him. Once he’s back, let’s run it back!”

MVP: “That’s the only way. The current regime doesn’t want it either. 🤷🏽”

remyjknott: Can we get the hurt business back… ?

MVP: “Triple H said no.”

smith_jacob123456: “Vince completely screwed this one up, I’m shocked hhh hasn’t been in favor of bringing it back”

MVP: “I’m not. 😏”

alphapapi2: “Should’ve kept ya’ll together, damn you Vince”

MVP: “Triple H had the power to fix it. He chose not to. Go figure.”

jonny_classic: “They took your gimmick and crew and gave it to the bloodline. That’s what happened . You guys were so kool, the suits, the attitude and gold. A complete unit!”

MVP: “True story.”

swaggersaurasrex: “‘Somebody like you doesn’t get to be a world champion. It’s Your job is to make people like me laugh.’ – Triple H. He meant that smh lol”

MVP: “💯”

@kng_maurice: “The Triple H era is emasculating black men. I’m really hating it.”

MVP: You see it.”