WWE helps out Chelsea Green following injury scare

During her latest podcast, Chelsea Green talked about an injury scare over the weekend…

“On Saturday, I decided to get in the ring for the first time since being cleared. I called up Santana (Garrett) so we could have a little gossip session, and roll around in the ring. I usually only reserve the ring for about 2 hours at a time. Santana and I chatted for probably 90% of the time that we were there. When I realized what time it was, I decided we should probably get in the ring, do some somersaults, some shoulder rolls, and stuff like that before we leave. By the time that we spoke and caught up with everything, we only had like 20 minutes left before we had to get out of the ring for the next people who had rented it. I got in. I did a couple of very normal rolls. These rolls are what wrestlers learn on day one of training. I went to do one of these rolls, again, very standard procedure for professional wrestling, and, pop. I heard a nasty pop sound, and guess where it came from? Surprise, surprise, my arm, my left arm, right around the very area that broke.

It was such a gross feeling. The pop was gross. It hurt so much. I would say it almost hurt just as much as breaking it. I really thought at that moment that it’s definitely broken, and if it’s not fully broken, it’s definitely fractured. I went home. I took some Advil. I iced it to see if the pain would die down and I could figure out what it was. I was very wrong. I woke up the next morning, and I had to go straight to the E.R. I called my surgeon and he said “Yep, you need to go in.” The pain was so bad. My arm was very swollen, and obviously, I was kind of freaking out. No, it’s not broken.

For all those motherfu**ers out there that say I’m injury prone, I’m not. They took X-Rays at the ER. It’s definitely not broken. It’s not fractured, which I’m so thankful for. They think that I have a lot of scar tissue build up and maybe that is bothering my tendon, or I irritated my tendon. Anyway, I reached out to WWE and they were kind enough to let me come into the Performance Center and use their Physical Therapist, and rehab my arm. Thank God. I’m very thankful for that because the injury happened in a WWE ring, so even though I was released, they still take care of that injury, thank God.

If you’re not American and you live in America, you know my struggle. The health care system is wild. It’s very daunting when I see the prices of surgery or even the prices of just dropping into the ER, so I’ll be at the PC for the next couple of weeks, which is kind of funny. and kind of awkward. I had a little bit of anxiety driving up to the Performance Center, but it’s worth it to get this sh*t taken care of, and I have so many friends still at the P.C. So many of the staff that works at the Performance Center are still my friends, so yea, it’s awkward, but I need to get this sh*t taken care of. It’s sore, but I’m on the mend. I can keep heeling. I can get ready for my debut back into professional wrestling on July 14th.” (quotes courtesy of WrestlingNews.co)