Todd Pettengill comments on possibly making more WWE appearances

Following the NXT Takeover: In Your House PPV, veteran WWE personality Todd Pettengill spoke with Alistair McGeorge of and commented on possibly making more appearances for the company in the future…

“I’d love to – I’m available for whatever these guys need. We’ve had such a good relationship over the years, and really it’s a long time! Now that I’m done with the radio and my schedule’s a little freer it would be fun to help any way that I can. If it’s just the occasional pop-in that’s fine, if it’s something more regularly that’s great too!” he said. “You always miss it. It’s nice to do the content again. I feel like it’s sorta like riding a bike. You do it, you haven’t done it for a while but you still obviously remember. And once you start again you’re like, ah yeah, I remember this, this feels good!’”

WWE’s Todd Pettengill would ‘love’ full return after NXT TakeOver: In Your House

Todd Pettengill delighted fans at NXT TakeOver: In Your House – and he’d love to make more regular appearances. The former WWE broadcaster made his comeback as the host Sunday night’s show after returning at last year’s IYH ever, and he’s revealed his desire to fit in wherever possible.