WWE Hall of Famer defends The Undertaker giving Bron Breakker a chokeslam on NXT

As seen during the October 10th 2023 edition of WWE NXT, The “American Badass” Undertaker made an appearance and chokeslammed Bron Breakker. WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long spoke with Sportskeeda.com’s Bill Apter and they had the following exchange regarding the segment…

Apter: “I loved it until The Undertaker kind of killed him (Bron Breakker) at the end there. That I did not agree with. But just to have interaction with The Undertaker was kind of a rub. People are wondering if anything is gonna come out of this.”

Long: “At the end, you gotta understand this business. At the end, what Undertaker did to him wasn’t to kill him [Bron Breakker]. What Undertaker did to him was to establish him and let everybody know, ‘This is the guy.’ That’s why that Chokeslam came in. That was his initiation. Not to kill him. So that was absolutely great. That didn’t do nothing but make him stronger. I’m telling you, that’s his initiation. That’s the way Undertaker is saying, ‘You’re the guy.’ Not to kill him. That was initiation. That was the best thing that could ever happen to him.”