Backstage news regarding plans for Impact Wrestling’s rebranding back to TNA

As previously noted, Impact Wrestling will be rebranding back to TNA in 2024. According to Mike Johnson of, the decision was finalized around two to three weeks ago and the change was being considered as far back as the Slammiversary PPV in July of 2023. Johnson noted the following in regards to why the rebranding is being made…

“One, it would ‘unite’ the fragmented history of the promotion, which at different times was known as TNA, then Global Force Wrestling, then finally Impact Wrestling. A secondary factor in making the decision was that a number of the company’s international partners preferred the TNA name and at times, were still using the name internally. We are also told that the company also quietly polled long-term fans of the promotion earlier this year and learned that many of them stated they preferred the TNA name.”

Johnson noted that new TNA title belts are being rolled out. They have already been crafted and produced but aren’t likely to be used until January.

According to Johnson, there are “zero plans” to return to the six-sided ring and it hasn’t been discussed. Talent that worked in both types of ring prefer the traditional four-sided ring as it is easier on their bodies.