WWE Hall of Famer believes the company will be more successful if Vince McMahon is involved creatively

As previously noted, Vince McMahon was reportedly “heavily involved” with the 2023 RAW after Wrestlemania 39 following the announcement of WWE being sold to Endeavor. McMahon was said to have made last-minute changes that caused a “huge negative shift in morale” during the broadcast.

During his podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair discussed McMahon’s role in WWE moving forward…

“I just personally hope that the McMahon family… he is still allowed to run the WWE. Because god forbid we have another situation where [Ted] Turner buys the NWA. That turned into the worst case scenario ever.”

“If they don’t keep Vince involved and let him help them make creative decisions, I don’t think they’ll be as successful as they would be with him. People say they’re upset with Vince. I didn’t see anybody upset with him. There’s always gonna be people that are complaining about their position in the company because they’re not where they want to be or they think they should be, but that’s not the fault of Hunter [Triple H] or Vince. Some people have a pretty high opinion of themselves that they should keep to themselves, rather than complain publicly, in my opinion.” (quotes courtesy of Colin Tessier)