Vince McMahon was reportedly “heavily involved” with the 2023 RAW after Wrestlemania 39

During an appearance on CNBC, Vince McMahon was asked about if he plans to be involved in the creative side of WWE moving forward. McMahon responded with the following…

“Yes and no. On a higher level, yes. In the weeds, where I would be in the past, no. Can’t do that.”

The March 3rd 2023 edition of WWE RAW was heavily criticized by fans with 66% of respondents voting “poor” in a Twitter poll. There was fan speculation that McMahon was involved in the creative process and Mike Johnson of confirmed with sources that McMahon was “personally and heavily involved” with the show.

Johnson noted the following…

“ is told that about 15-20 minutes before Raw went live on the air, a number of late rewrites for the episode were ordered, described as not ‘feeling’ like the type of changes talents and staff had come to expect under Paul Levesque. Changes for the episode continued as the show well into being on the air and we are told they came directly from McMahon, who had his own office at Raw, just as he did before his ‘retirement’ in the summer of 2022.”

Johnson was also told by multiple sources that there was “no doubt that Vince was firmly back in charge.”