WWE Executive Director Bruce Prichard says he is not a writer but rather a “storyteller”

Bruce Prichard, who currently holds the title of Executive Director of WWE RAW and Smackdown, discussed his contributions to the company over the years during his podcast…

“I’ve never been a writer. Creative and booking TV, I would never consider myself a writer. I don’t consider myself a writer in the way that I think that Hollywood and people look at writers. Not a big fan of that term. I think we’re creative people that put things on paper.”

“When I was a producer, I was the guy that put everything together, I didn’t understand that I was a producer. I think people get confused with titles and what they are. I’m not a title guy. I didn’t sit there and write out what people say. Maybe that’s what I think what a writer does. We created shows, we created formats, we told stories. What am I? I’m a storyteller. That’s what I do. I tell stories, and I try to bring them to life on screen.” (quotes courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)