Kevin Nash issues new comments regarding LA Knight’s momentum in WWE

As previously noted, LA Knight was called out by WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash for being “an absolute rip off” of The Rock. In a follow-up podcast, Nash questioned Knight’s drawing power and said “why didn’t he get over anywhere else?”

In another follow-up podcast, Nash said the following regarding Knight…

“If LA Knight, if the people, if he’s the chosen one, if he’s the people’s champion, then he’s the people’s champion, it doesn’t fu**ing matter to me. If his segments do a number and that fu**ing helps the WWE, which I’m a stockholder, and it makes my buddy, fu**ing Paul’s life easier, than fu**, get over dude. It was just one of those things where I don’t watch SmackDown, so dude, I didn’t know who the fu** you were and I apologized. But some of us that are in professional wrestling actually watch sports, watch film, occasionally read a book. I do other things besides watch wrestling. There’s 394 hours of wrestling on television a week. I just can’t do it.” (quote courtesy of