Wrestling veteran Jim Cornette gives his thoughts on Tony Khan’s social media activity

As previously noted, AEW President Tony Khan took a shot at WWE for John Cena and The Undertaker drawing under a million television viewers. Khan also wrote that Vince McMahon “has allegedly used his power and influence to shoot a lot of shots.”

During his podcast, wrestling veteran Jim Cornette gave his thoughts on Khan’s social media activity…

“He’s on Cagematch [wrestling database where fans can rate shows] and he’s on Twitter – he just fired his biggest star (CM Punk), but he got another one to replace him, Edge, and he’s about to make his TV debut on a show that’s gonna get its f**king ass kicked in the goddamn ratings, and he’s got time to do this? This is the day after the show. Has he addressed making mainstream news outlets for being anti-Semitic in the middle of a horrendous war where people have been butchered? Did he bring that up when he was fighting about numbers on Twitter?”

“He should take his business personally, but not to the point where he’s f**king bubbling over at avatar fan accounts. Just try to do a better product and a better show and beat the other guy instead of arguing with… some of these people might not be real people and he’s arguing with them.”

“I can tell you with some level of certainty from having experienced it, when you’ve got all kinds of stress and a lot of sh*t’s pissing you off, sometimes it’s one of the most minor little things that just sends you bubbling right over the top of ‘pissed off hill’ into ‘violence valley’. And then you either, since Tony’s not a violent person, you either lash out with a baseball bat… or you get on Twitter I guess. But it could be a little thing on top of a whole mountain of bigger things. But he may need rest, confinement, treatment, counseling, chemicals, some of these things.” (quotes courtesy of WrestleTalk.com)