Adam Copeland (Edge) speaks candidly about “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” against Randy Orton

During an appearance on Chris Jericho’s podcast, Adam Copeland (Edge) talked about “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” against Randy Orton from the 2020 WWE Backlash PLE…

“It was pitched to us [by Vince McMahon] like that. ‘I have you two guys. You’re gonna have the greatest wrestling match ever.’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘That’s what we should call it.’ ‘Oh.’ He’s a promoter. That’s the way the promoter brain works. Me, as the performer, I’m going, there is no audience and there is no such thing. I really had to wrap my mind around it and go, ‘what angle do I come at this from?’ Just make a love letter to wrestling. That was the idea. ‘Charles [Charles Robinson], I need you in a long-sleeved button up and bow tie.’ I want Howard Finkle to announce us. I want the old MSG thing to come down. Now, hopefully, people understand, ‘this is really just a tip of the hat to what we do.’ Hence, using other people’s finishers.”

“What else are we going to do? Seriously, what else are we going to do? We had like 50 students from NXT. We did what we could with it. I also had a blast. I’ve often heard, ‘it was edited.’ We did it once, all the way through, 48 minutes. We didn’t have a time limit. We got to the back, ‘you guys went 48 minutes.’ ‘Really? Wow, it felt like 10.’ My stupid idea was, if we wanted to try different things, now we can. What if we picked up some iso shots. Might be kind of cool to cut in. I’m just trying to think of something different. I’m wearing a Go Pro on my head and I was going to take an RKO so it feels like a first-person player taking an RKO. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t. I take the RKO, and I’m really trying to cover Randy here because we’ve gotten cold. It’s after the match, we did the 48 (minutes), we’re just doing four pick up shots. I take the RKO with a camera on my head, tear my tricep. It was an hour 20 in between. I took it too far. Then, I saw it with the edits in and I hated it. Vince loved it. I saw the unedited 48 minutes straight through and I loved it, even with no audience. Randy and I have great chemistry. I’m proud of that one, especially considering the scenario and circumstances, to walk in and still try and pull it off. I’m proud of that.” (quote courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)