Wrestlemania starts with Vince McMahon and then a delay due to the weather

Before the WWE Wrestlemania 37 PPV officially started, Vince McMahon and the entire locker room was on the stage and welcomed fans back for Wrestlemania 37. A new “WWE Forever” signature open debuted. Vince and the locker room stayed on the stage while Bebe Rexha performed America The Beautiful.

Due to the “severe weather” issues that was reported about earlier, WWE had to delay the actual start of the PPV event. During the delay, backstage interviews were conducted with Shane McMahon and then Bobby Lashley. Drew McIntyre confronted Lashley during the backstage interview. McIntyre said “mother nature” won’t save Lashley’s ass.

There was another backstage segment with the New Day being interviewed. Several more people were interviewed including Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins, and Kevin Owens. Owens had some audio issues during his segment. Michael Cole and Samoa Joe provided an update while wearing ponchos.

Once fans were able to return to their seats, Wrestlemania co-hosts Hulk Hogan and Titus O’Neil hyped up the show as well as Drew McIntyre vs. Bobby Lashley.